12 February 2007

The Mozarabic Genius in Liturgy

A Mozarabic Prayer to Jesus Our Master
Jesus, our Master, meet us while we walk in the way, and long to reach the heavenly country; so that, following your light we may keep the way of righteousness, and never wander away into the darkness of this world's night, while you, who are the Way, the Truth, and the Life, are shining within us; for your own name's sake. Amen.

A Mozarabic Benediction
A Blessing from an edition of the Mozarabic Sacramentary
May the infinite and glorious Trinity,
the Father , the Son, and the Holy Spirit,
direct our life in good works,
and after our journey through this world,
grant us eternal rest with the saints.

Mozarabic 10th century Hymn
Attende Domine

R. Attende Domine, et miserere, quia peccavimus tibi.

V. Ad te Rex summe, omnium redemptor, oculos nostros sublevamus flentes: exaudi, Christe, supplicantum preces. R.

V. Dextera Patris, lapis angularis, via salutis, ianua caelestis, ablue nostri maculas delicti. R.

V. Rogamus, Deus, tuam maiestatem: auribus sacris gemitus exaudi: crimina nostra placidus indulge. R.

V. Tibi fatemur crimina admissa: contrito corde pandimus occulta: tua Redemptor, pietas ignoscat. R.

V. Innocens captus, nec repugnans ductus, testibus falsis pro impiis damnatus: quos redemisti, tu conserva, Christe. R.

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Hearken, O Lord -- a translation of Attende Domine
Mozarabic 10th Century Hymn

R. Hearken, O Lord, and have mercy, for we have sinned against Thee.

V. Crying, we raise our eyes to Thee, Sovereign King, Redeemer of all. Listen, Christ, to the pleas of the supplicant sinners. R.

V. Thou art at the Right Hand of God the Father, the Keystone, the Way of salvation and Gate of Heaven, cleanse the stains of our sins. R.

V. O God, we beseech Thy majesty to hear our groans; to forgive our sins. R.

V. We confess to Thee our consented sins; we declare our hidden sins with contrite heart; in Thy mercy, O Redeemer, forgive them. R.

V. Thou wert captured, being innocent; brought about without resistance, condemned by impious men with false witnesses. O Christ keep safe those whom Thou hast redeemed. R.

Servant and Mother of the Word
"O most holy Servant and Mother of the Word" -- a very striking title for the Virgin Mother Mary found in a number of seventh century Mozarabic prayers including a prayer attributed to St. Ildefonso of Toledo...

Virgo Genetrix
The Mozarabic feast of the "glorious and holy Virgin Mary" established in 656 to be observed on December 18th, began with a direct address to the Holy Virgin, which would be found in other rites but not in Rome proper:

"Virgo genetrix et humani generis reparatrix;
implorantium preces auribus offer divinis"

("Virgin, who generated Christ, reparatrix for the human race,
present to the Divine attention (ears) our prayers of supplication.")