07 April 2014

Coptic Church: Hail to Saint Mary

From the Agpeia, the Breviary of the Coptic Orthodox Church

Hail to Saint Mary

Hail to you. We ask you, O saint, full of glory, the ever virgin, the Mother of God (Theotokos), the Mother of Christ, lift up our prayers unto your beloved Son, that He may forgive us our sins.

Hail to the Holy Virgin, who bore for us the true Light, Christ our God. Ask the Lord on our behalf, that He may have mercy on our souls, and forgive us our sins.

O Virgin Mary, the holy Mother of God (Theotokos), the trusted advocate of the human race, intercede on our behalf before Christ, Whom you bore, that He may grant us the forgiveness of our sins.

Hail to you, O Virgin, the right and true queen. Hail to the pride of our race, you bore for us Emmanuel.

We ask you, remember us, our trusted advocate, before our Lord Jesus Christ, that He may forgive us our sins.

Introduction to the Creed

We exalt you, the Mother of the true Light. We glorify you, O Saint, the Theotokos, for you brought forth unto us the Savior of the whole world; He came and saved our souls.

Glory to You, our Master, our King, Christ, the pride of the apostles, the crown of the martyrs, the joy of the righteous, the firmness of the churches, the forgiveness of sins.

We proclaim the Holy Trinity in One Godhead. We worship Him. We glorify Him.

Lord have mercy. Lord have mercy. Lord bless. Amen.