17 April 2014

"BLM committed animal atrocities ..."


Learning the truth of US federal government tactics used by the BLM is enough to make one sick.  By clicking the link I am providing you will be taken to a story that unmasks the tactics of the US federal government against Cliven Bundy and his ranch. It is entitled "BLM committed animal atrocities, shot cows from helicopters, constructed mass graves at Bundy Ranch"

There are graphic images of violence committed against the animals by the federal Bureau of Land Management, so please be advised that the images are too graphic for those with more delicate sensabilities: click here.

It is another argument for the elimination of most functions of the federal government in the USA save for national defensive needs and international relations.  Seeing the BLM being  used as a weapon by the Democratic administration and Senator Harry Reid makes clear that such a weapon needs to be taken away from the federal government regardless of which political party is in office.

Without additional political commentary let me close by simply borrowing from another blogger: "Jesus beheld the United States of America.  And Jesus wept."