18 September 2014

Beyond Shocking


One wonders, 'For whom does the U.S. Executive Branch work?'

May the Holy Trinity bless and guide all in elected office and public service to do what is right, good, and praiseworthy in God's eyes.  May the Holy Ghost move as an unrelenting wind and drive from elected office and public service all those who do not serve the common good and do not do what is well-pleasing in the eyes of the Lord God.  In the Name of Jesus Christ the Righteous. Amen.

Most Holy and Blessèd Trinity, all glory be to Thee.


17 September 2014

Canon A.M. Allchin: ‘A Taste of Liberty’

“What is being said here? First, that the once for all event of Christ, his life and teaching, his death and Resurrection, is only the first part of the work of God for man's healing and restoration. What was done once for all, in a certain time and a certain place, is now to become alive and real in all times and in all places. The Son of God, the Redeemer, gives order and structure to this world. The Spirit, the Life-Giver, produces life and variety, multiplicity and richness. And this second activity that is carried forward in the life and experience of each Christian, is something which can rightly be compared with that first great act of God in Christ Jesus.  Jesus promised his disciples that they would do the same or indeed greater works than he did.  Following on God's Incarnation, his taking our nature into himself, there comes at Pentecost man's inspiration, God's breathing his Spirit into the very life and being of man so that we should become sharers in his nature.

“As such, we need order consistency and faithfulness in our lives, of course, but that does not mean that they must be rigid, monotonous or uneventful. Quite the reverse is true. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Life and fruitfulness; he gives more than we expect, and whenever we meet life, human or divine, we find it to be unexpected. This breathing of the Spirit of God into the life and being of man enables the new community, the new reality of the Church to come into being so that we can live to the full the new life in Christ and become sharers in his nature.

“This is a very high and demanding teaching, but it is also an immensely strengthening one.  It helps us to make sense of aspects of our faith which are often difficult for people of our generation who are vividly aware of the immense size and age of the universe and of the length and complexity of human history. How can all that, we ask, be centred and summed up in one life and death? Can the Church really always be turning back to those thirty years in Galilee and Jerusalem — that one afternoon on the hill of the Cross? Our faith tells us that to the unique and unrepeatable work of God in the Incarnation of his Son, there corresponds another work going on constantly, the work of the Spirit, who is also Lord, who is the giver, the creator of life and growth. And it is the Spirit who makes us share in the very life and vitality of God himself. There is another work being carried forward through all nations in all centuries which multiplies and diversifies the action of God and lifts man up into union with the divine.”

The Revd Father Donald Allchin

A Taste of Liberty 
pp. 11-12
Convent of the Incarnation
Fairacres Oxford
© The Sisters of the Love of God 1982


11 September 2014

Facing East in Greenville, South Carolina

I wanted to commend an article on The New Liturgical Movement blog regarding the return to celebrating Holy Mass ad orientem — facing east — at the very remarkable parish of St. Mary's in Greenville, South Carolina.  

Please do read the article as it provides excellent food for thought on why a parish should return to celebrations where priest and people face East or as said in my youth, Facing God Together — at Masses celebrated according to the Ordinary Form.

Please click HERE to read Ben Yanke's article.  Please scroll downwards to find the article in question.

09 September 2014

Some Thoughts on Heaven by Austin Farrer


The following is an excerpt from Austin Farrer's classic Saving Belief :

1. To hope for heaven has nothing particularly selfish about it.  No one ever thought he could keep heaven to himself.

2. Heaven is not a cash payment for walking with God; it's where the road goes.

3. Heaven isn't an optional extra; our belief is nonsense without it.

4. Our reason for believing it isn't that nature point to it, but that it leads us to itself.

I should like to develop the last point a bit.  Heaven is nothing that created nature produces; it is a new creation.  Two consequences follow from this.  The first is, that we have no interest in trying to isolate a piece of us called 'soul', which tends to outlive the body's collapse.  Our immortality is the new gift of God, not the survival of our old nature, whether in whole or in part.  It was pagan Greeks who talked about immortal soul; and with reason; for (to put it shortly) they thought the human spirit was a piece of godhead, able to guarantee immortal being to itself.  The religion of the Bible teaches no such doctrine.  God alone can give us a future.  It is better, then, to talk about the resurrection of man than about the immortality of 'soul'.  Belief in resurrection is belief not in ourselves, but in God who raises us.  It is in fact the acid test, whether we believe in God or not.  A God who raises the dead is a real power; he is not just a fanciful name for the order of nature, whether physical or moral.  A God so identified with the natural order that he adds nothing to it is difficult to distinguish from the world he rules, or from the laws which govern it.

Old Indian thought evaded the issue by making the cycle of the soul's rebirths a part of nature, like the seasons and the tides.  And as the lazy mind need not distinguish the God of the tides from the tides, neither need it distinguish the cycles of rebirth from the God of the cycles.  But when we realise that man's person, the living image of God, is bound to be sucked down in the whirlpool of decay, unless God rescues it; then faith in God begins to mean something.  It alters the whole picture.

Austin Farrer

Austin Farrer
Saving Belief
pp. 120-121
Library of Anglican Spirituality
Susan Howatch, ed.

“Born in 1904, the son of a Baptist minister, Austin Farrer was ordained an Anglican priest and served in Oxford as chaplain and fellow of both St Edmund’s Hall and Trinity College before becoming Warden of Keble College, a post he held until his death in 1968. Austin Farrer was a renowned preacher, philosopher and biblical scholar as well as being regarded for his humour, originality, eloquence and deep spirituality. His life was rooted in prayer. He wrote, ‘Prayer and dogma are inseparable. They alone can explain each other’.” — from The Diocese of Oxford, Church of England.

Ancient Russian Chant: By the Waters of Babylon (Псалом 136)


The harmonies of ancient Russian chant at times sound very contemporary.  There was a time when some in the Russian Church were ashamed of this primitive music with its own unusual rules and occasional dissonances.  But in recent decades this repertoire has found new life and widespread appreciation.

Sung by СиринSirin Ensemble 

На реках Вавилонских 
(Псалом 136)

На реках Вавилонских, тамо седохом и плакахом,
Внегда помянути нам Сиона.
И рыдают сидящие у чужих берегов,
Путь, которым ведут, как ты страшен!
И в молчаньи на вербиих посреде его
Обесихом органы наша.
Но отчаянье пленных не радует глаз,
И чтоб путь этот был интересней,
Вопросиша ны тамо пленшии нас
О словесех песней.
О, ведущие в плен, о, служители тьмы,
Что глумитесь над болью людей?
Како воспоем песнь Господню мы,
Находясь на земли чуждей?
Мы молитвою к Богу боль утолим
И в чужих необжитых краях.
Аще забуду тебе, Иерусалим,
Забвена буди десница моя!
О, ведущие в плен, притупите мечи,
Богу нашему мы и без вас воспоем
Окаянная дочь, вавилонская дщи,
Да воздастся тебе воздаянье твое.
Так возми же органы, плененный народ,
Зазвучи серебро под руками.
Вавилонская дочь, наш Господь разобьет
Младенцы твоя о камень.


08 September 2014

From the vault: Syriac Choir of Nouri Iskander, Aleppo


Shall we not weep for Syria and her Christian children?

A remembrance of things past:


07 September 2014

As 9/11 draws near: Why Are We Afraid


The Islamic Jihad has never ended.  It began with Mohammed and continues on even into the present day.  The video embedded below is not the sort of thing I would normally put on my blog, but it is necessary to educate Christians and to overcome the lies and myths that have been taught about Islam since 9/11.  It is not a religion of peace, and its destructive force in human history is almost without peer.

Some may find the accent and the manner of the gentleman presenting this video to be grating, but it is well worth putting up with any difficulty to the learn the facts that he has to present both about Islam and to a lesser extent about the Crusades:

Jesus Christ is Lord.

05 September 2014

04 September 2014

Of Marian Consecration & Evangelisation


On Catholic Exchange there is a wonderful article entitled "When a Father Leads 12,000: Marian Consecration & Evangelization" by Dave McClow.  I am always interested in the many different ways our fellow Catholics seek to enter into and live out the New Evangelisation first called for by Pope St. John Paul II.  There is much in this article for anyone who loves the Blessed Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ:

Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades leads at least 12,000 Catholics in the diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend, Indiana, in the Marian consecration as part of the New Evangelization effort. In Part 1 I will primarily lay out the “what” of the consecration, and in Part 2 I will focus on the “how” of this very significant event.

The New Evangelization only changes the “who”—the baptized who have left the Church or who don’t know their faith—and the “how”—the methods used to get out the old message of the Gospel of God’s mercy. The New Evangelization seeks to deepen the faith of the baptized, to cultivate “a personal encounter with Christ.” A particularly well-known archbishop from Krakow, Poland, would call it “the enrichment of faith” and claimed that it was “the purpose of the Vatican II” and is “the basis of any realization of the Council and any renewal of the Church” (Sources of Renewal, p. 16). In case you missed it, he says even more emphatically: “This is the direction which should be followed by all pastoral action, the lay apostolate and the whole of the Church’s activity” (p.18). Vatican II was to address the duplicity or hypocrisy of Catholics not living out their faith well. The enrichment of faith should focus on “What does it mean to be a believing member of the Church?” (p. 17) and on forming “attitudes springing from a well-formed conscience” (p. 19). If we were to say it in everyday language, the purpose of Vatican II was to move our faith from our heads to our hearts so that we can live it out fully. It is a profound conversion and transformation, “making all things new.” Somehow I missed the memo on this purpose of Vatican II until Fr. Michael Gaitley pointed it out at the TOB Congress last month.

You may finish reading the article by clicking HERE please.

God bless us all with His peace in Jesus Christ the Righteous.


02 September 2014

MMR Vaccine, Autism, and CDC

No you cannot blindly trust a scientist or a doctor, and no one should trust any agency or department of the U.S.A.'s federal government.  Why anyone with half a mind would trust the US government regarding anything at this point can only be explained by life-long programming to 'obey and trust' The-Powers-That-Be together with general brain-washing through multiple aspects of the US culture.

Aaron Dykes & Melissa Melton: "What is relevant is this man and his team omitted data from the 2004 study CDC published in the journal Pediatrics that clearly showed a 340% increase in autism risk with MMR shots in little African American children. What were the risks to the rest of the kids and what else has that man and his colleagues defrauded the public ABOUT? This is the same guy who went on to coauthor a study on the safety of THIMEROSAL!
"Can officials like Dr. Colleen Boyle, a co-author on this bunk study and director of the National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities (NCBDDD) at the CDC, be trusted when she tells Congress in sworn testimony that there is no connection between vaccines and autism?"

Is this not obvious racism with no one at the CDC giving a damn about African-American children. Clearly, the main thing these 'experts' at the CDC care about is continuing the vaccination money train.  Hence, no one can trust anything coming out of the USA's CDC (Center for Disease Control). 

All U.S.A. vaccinations of infants, children, and young adults should stop immediately.  And pregnant women should never be vaccinated during their pregnancies.  

For those of us who are Catholic, we must raise the alarm that vaccines derived from aborted babies' tissues are not only immoral to use but must not ever be used on the children of the Faithful.  


31 August 2014

"Blueprint for Safer Vaccines"


No doubt, dear reader, you have heard about the CDC whistleblower who has removed the official lie from the "safety" of the MMR vaccine.  The Health Ranger is offering a blue print for safer vaccines that you may find instructive: click here.

The bottom line is that most vaccines come from aborted foetal tissue and as such are immoral for us to use.  My own reading leads me to question all infantile and childhood vaccines (not as a matter of science and aside from the moral issues) as developmentally inappropriate for growing infants and children.


30 August 2014

Can you starve cancer?


A very interesting presentation with valuable information regarding foods we can eat to starve cancer:

I pray this information is helpful.

29 August 2014

The Enemy You Have Welcomed



Muslims destroying church in Mosul
“Our sufferings today are the prelude of those you, Europeans and Western Christians, will also suffer in the near future,” said Archbishop Amel Shimoun Nona in an interview by Corriere della Sera. “I lost my diocese. The physical setting of my apostolate has been occupied by Islamic radicals who want us converted or dead. But my community is still alive.”

“Please, try to understand us. Your liberal and democratic principles are worth nothing here. You must consider again our reality in the Middle East, because you are welcoming in your countries a growing number of Muslims. Also you are in danger. You must take strong and courageous decisions, even at the cost of contradicting your principles. You think all men are equal, but that is not true: Islam does not say that all men are equal. Your values are not their values. If you do not understand this soon enough, you will become the victims of the enemy you have welcomed in your home.”



Cardinal Wuerl: Solidarity with the Persecuted

Cardinal Wuerl:
Where are the voices?
Where are the voices of parliaments and congresses?
Where are the voices of campuses?
Where are the voices of community leaders?
Where are the voices of talk-show hosts and radio programs?
Where are the voices of the late-night news?
Where are the voices of editorial columns?
Where are the voices of op-ed pieces?
Why a silence?

H.E. Donald Cardinal Wuerl
Mass of the Holy Spirit
Basilica of the Immaculate Conception
Washington, D.C.

"What Would the Conversion of Russia Look Like"

Austin Ruse has written a very bold article in Crisis which considers things about Russia that neocons do not want U.S. Americans considering. The following are the first paragraphs excerpted from the article which one may read on line by clicking HERE.  Austin Ruse writes:

Pope Francis and Metropolitan Hilarion of Russia
For much of the twentieth century, Catholics around the world prayed after every Low Mass for the conversion of Russia.

Called the Leonine Prayers, originally they were conceived as a protection of the sovereignty of the Papal States, which were then under attack. This intention ended with the Lateran Treaty of 1929 but the prayers continued from that time for the conversion of Russia that had become an atheistic state bent on destroying religion.

The prayers included 3 Ave Marias, a Salve Regina, a versicle and response, a prayer for the conversion of sinners and the “exaltation of Holy Mother Church,” ending with the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel. Pius X added the invocation “Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Have Mercy on Us.”

Before the prayers were suppressed in 1965 just think of the billions of them offered for this intention? From little schoolgirls to Catholic heads of state to canonized saints, they all prayed for the conversion of Russia. Does any faithful Catholic think that the end of the Soviet Union in 1991 was not the result of these prayers?

The Cold War—World War III—ended bloodlessly. A murderous regime that had killed millions upon millions and enslaved many more and had tried to enchain the human spirit was toppled almost miraculously. There should have been a victorious parade up Fifth Avenue in New York.

But the work of the Spirit was not yet finished. Toppling the regime was only part of it. The other part was conversion. And what did we think that would look like?
The optimism of Austin Ruse is shared by many I know, but most North Americans I encounter find it very difficult to think of Russians as anything other than monsters, KGB agents, and atheists lying in wait to rape, pillage, and plunder.  There is of course historical reason for this from the Soviet era. It seems to be difficult for 'the West' in general to function without the notorious Russian bear for enemy.  Also, Metropolitan Hilarion is seen as an enemy of Greek Catholics, and one wonders how his views could possibly assist in ending the schism between East and West.

Only time will tell if Mr. Ruse is correct.

28 August 2014

Bl. Alexandrina Maria da Costa: Hymn to the Tabernacles

Blessed Alexandrina Maria da Costa of Portugal is not well known to many North American Catholics save for those of Portuguese backgrounds and others who have been touched by this holy one of God.  Her message intersects in a profound way with that of Sr. Lucia of Fátima, and faithful Catholics would do well to make her acquaintance among the holy company of the Blesseds of the Church.  The following is one of her ecstatic poems in praise of the Tabernacles of the Lord in our Catholic churches where the Lord's Eucharistic Divine Presence abides with us.


Oh my Jesus, I want each pain that I feel, each palpitation of my heart, each time I breathe, each second of the hours I pass, to be Acts of love for your Tabernacles.

I want each movement of my feet, my hands, my lips, my tongue, each time that I open my eyes or close them, each tear, each smile, each joy, each sadness, each tribulation, each distraction, contrariety or trouble, to be Acts of love for your Tabernacles.

I want each letter of the prayers I recite or hear to recite, all the words that I pronounce or hear to pronounce, that I read or hear to read, that I write or see someone writing, that I sing or hear to sing, to be Acts of love for your Tabernacles.

I want each time I kiss your holy images or those of your and my beloved Mama, and your saints, to be Acts of love for your Tabernacles.

Oh Jesus, I want each little drop of rain that falls from the sky to the land, all the water contained in the world, offered drop by drop, all the sands of the sea and everything the sea contains, to be Acts of love for your Tabernacles.

Oh Jesus, I offer You the leaves of the trees, all the fruits that they mmight have, the little flowers offered petal by petal, all the little grains of seeds and cereals in the world, and everything contained in the gardens, fields and mountains, I offer everything as Acts of love for your Tabernacles.

Oh Jesus, I offer You the feathers of the small birds, their own warbling, the fur and the voices of all the animals, as Acts of love for your Tabernacles.

Oh Jesus, I offer You the day and the night, the heat and the cold, the wind, the snow, the moon, the moonlight, the sun, the sunset, the stars of the sky, my sleep, my dream, as Acts of love for your Tabernacles.

Oh Jesus, I offer You everything the world contains, all its greatness, wealth and treasures, everything which happens to myself, everything I use to offer to You, everything one can imagine, as Acts of love for your Tabernacles.

Oh Jesus, accept the sky, the land, the sea, everything, everything they contain, as if everything was mine and everything I could make use of and offer You as Acts of love for your Tabernacles.


Nada te turbe


An official VMG virtual choir, "Nada Te Turbe" is one of two virtual choirs produced for the celebration of St. Teresa of Jesus's 500th birthday. The choir is made up of Carmelite Nuns from around the world and is accompanied by the Teresian Orchestra of St. James Cathedral in Seattle, Washington, USA. Music composed by Claire Sokol, OCD.


26 August 2014

Article by Buddhist convert to the Catholic Faith

The following is the start of an article filled with insights for anyone interested in living the New Evangelisation and reaching out to Asian non-Christians.  I am very grateful to the author for writing it.

In his moving novel, Silence, Japanese-Catholic author Shusako Endo once described the continent of Asia as a “swamp” that choked the sapling of the Gospel and made it uninhabitable for Christianity. That image has always haunted me because a part of my own journey — as a convert to Christianity from Buddhism — has been to bridge two seemingly irreconcilable worlds. 
When I first became an Evangelical Christian as a young man, my world was transformed in many ways. But the integration between my new faith and native heritage still seemed somewhat artificial — better than a swamp, yes, but not quite home. That stirring in my heart for something more was what led me into the Catholic Church and why I followed the recent apostolic visit of Pope Francis to Asia with such great interest.

Please click here to read the remainder of this interesting article.

25 August 2014

India, 1960: A Litany


A Litany of Missionary Intercession

O GOD the Father, who hast made of one blood 
all nations of the earth;
Have mercy upon us.
O God the Son, who hast redeemed all mankind 
from the power of darkness;
Have mercy upon us.
O God the Holy Spirit, who didst move upon the face of the waters, 
Giver of life and light, by whom the whole body of the Church 
is governed and sanctified;
Have mercy upon us.

O blessed Trinity, three Persons and one God; 
Creator, Redeemer, Sanctifier;
Have mercy upon us.

Our past unfaithfulness;
O Lord, forgive.
Our neglect of opportunities;
O Lord, forgive.
Our deafness to thy calls;
O Lord, forgive.
Our slothfulness and want of zeal;
O Lord, forgive.

By the mystery of thy holy Incarnation;
O Lord, forgive.
By the offering of thy sacrifice upon the Cross;
O Lord, forgive.
By the presentation of that sacrifice in heaven;
O Lord, forgive.
By thy gift of the Holy Spirit to thine Apostles;
O Lord, forgive.
By thine ever-abiding presence with thy Church;
O Lord, forgive.

We sinners do beseech thee to hear us; 
and that it may please thee to bless thy holy Church, 
which thou hast purchased with thy most precious blood;
Hear us, O Lord.
That it may please thee to grant her that peace and unity 
which is according to thy will;
Hear us, O Lord.
That thou wouldest heal all dissensions among Christians 
which hinder the spread of thy Gospel;
Hear us, O Lord.
That thou wouldest fill the Church in this land 
with the spirit of prayer and sacrifice;
Hear us, O Lord.

That thou wouldest put into her heart 
to give the best and noblest of her sons and daughters;
Hear us, O Lord.
That thou wouldest increase the number of labourers in thy harvest, 
and grant them the abun­dance of thy blessing;
Hear us, O Lord.
For all bishops, priests, and deacons, 
that by their life and doctrine they may set forth 
thy true and life-giving Word;
Hear us, O Lord.
For catechists, evangelists, and all other thy ser­vants, 
who are labouring for the extension of thy kingdom 
in this and other lands;
Hear us, O Lord.

That it may please thee to give them an earnest love of souls, 
wisdom to win them, diligence to keep them, 
and undying zeal for their perfection;
Hear us, O Lord.
That it may please thee to enlighten their understanding, 
giving them aptness to teach, 
and power to convince the gainsayers:
Hear us, O Lord.
That it may please thee to grant them the gift of languages 
for making known thy truth;
Hear us, O Lord.
That it may please thee to supply their necessities, 
and to preserve them in all dangers, 
both of body and soul;
Hear us, O Lord.
That it may please thee to confirm and strengthen 
with the fulness of thy grace all converts and catechumens, 
giving them perseverance unto the end;
Hear us, O Lord.
That it may please thee to raise up in every nation 
faithful ministries for the building up of thy Body, the Church;
Hear us, O Lord.

That it may please thee to bless 
the educational and medical work of thy Church;
Hear us, O Lord.
That by the power of thy good Spirit thou wouldest guide and support 
those who labour for the backward and the oppressed;
Hear us, O Lord.
That it may please thee to break down every­where the barriers 
that divide man from man;
Hear us, O Lord.
That it may please thee to lead all nations out of darkness and error 
into the clear light and true knowledge of thee;
Hear us, O Lord.
That it may please thee to convert thy ancient people the Jews, 
and bring them to acknowledge thee as their Christ and King;
Hear us, O Lord.
That it may please thee to pardon our sins, 
and make us examples of holy living to those among whom we dwell;
Hear us, O Lord.

That by holiness of life we may win our neigh­bours to thine obedience;
Hear us, O Lord.
That thou wouldest keep stedfast and devout 
those who are far removed from the ministrations of thy Church;
Hear us, O Lord.
That it may please thee to bless 
with all spiritual riches the Church in our land, 
making her truly catholic in faith and love;
Hear us, O Lord.
That it may please thee to fulfil the number of thine elect 
and to hasten thy kingdom;
Hear us, O Lord.

O Saviour of the world, who by thy cross and precious blood hast redeemed us;
Save us, and help us, we humbly beseech thee, O Lord.

Lord, have mercy upon us.
Christ, have mercy upon us.
Lord, have mercy upon us.

OUR Father, who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name; Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done; In earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, As we forgive them that trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation; But deliver us from evil. Amen.

Then may follow:
O God, we have heard with our ears, 
and our fathers have declared unto us, 
the noble works that thou didst in their days, 
and in the old time before them;

Lay bare thine arm, 
revive thy work, 
and manifest forth thy power and glory, 
now as in the days of old.

Set up thyself, O God, above the heavens;
And thy glory above all the earth.

Give thy Son the nations for his inheritance;
And the uttermost parts of the earth for his possession.

Let all the nations whom thou hast made 
come and worship thee, O Lord;
And glorify thy holy name.

Let thy name be great among the Gentiles, 
O Lord God of hosts;
And in every place let incense be offered to thy name, 
and a pure offering.

Then shall be said,
Let us pray.

O GOD, who hast made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on the face of the whole earth, and didst send thy blessed Son to preach peace to them that are far off and to them that are nigh; Grant that all men everywhere may seek after thee and find thee. Bring the nations into thy fold, pour out thy Spirit upon all flesh, and hasten thy kingdom; through the same thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

The Supplement to
The Book of Common Prayer
 India, 1960


24 August 2014

Prayer: The Christaraksha


May the Cross of the Son of God,
which is mightier than all the hosts of satan
and more glorious than all the hosts of heaven,
abide with you in your going out and your coming in.

By day and night, at morning and at evening,
at all times and in all places may it protect and defend you.

From the wrath of evildoers,
from the assaults of evil spirits
from foes visible and invisible
from the snares of the devil,
from all passions that beguile the soul and body:

may the Cross of Christ guard, protect and deliver you. Amen

from India