09 February 2016

In Art and Song: Ash Wednesday


I noticed on a very fine traditional Catholic blog this bit of artwork:

The above illustration is by an Anglican illustrator and artist, the late Enid Chadwick of the Anglican Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham in Little Walsingham, England.  This, dear Reader, is part and parcel of the Anglican Patrimony which is already enriching the Latin Rite of the Church in ways unseen and perhaps unnoticed, but it is already there ... a little leaven leavening the lump.

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With Ash Wednesday comes the remembrance of a Presbyterian hymn a friend once sang to me as an example of the kind of religious song that filled her childhood.  I thought I would share the text of that fine hymn as it relates to today's themes for Ash Wednesday:

Mindful of our human frailty
Is the God in whom we trust;
He whose years are everlasting,
He remembers we are dust.

Man is like the tender flower,
And his days are like the grass,
Withered where it lately flourished
By the blighting winds that pass.

Changeless is the Father's mercy
Unto those who fear His name,
From eternity abiding
To eternity the same.

All the faithful to His covenant
Shall behold His righteousness;
He will be their strength and refuge
And their children’s children bless.

Isaac B. Woodbury, alt.
The Psalter, 1912
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
The United Presbyterian 
Board of Publication

Finally, I wish to share with you a sort of concert from the Choir of New College, Oxford. The video below includes the music from their extremely popular CD 'Agnus Dei'.  The music begins with Samuel Barber's Agnus Dei.  May this music bless your heart, soul, and mind this Ash Wednesday and as we enter into the Great and Holy Season of Lent.


Ethiopian Nun's Setting of The Lord's Prayer


Ethiopian Orthodox nun and composer Mother Maryam Emahoy Tsegué is one of Jerusalem's precious treasures.   The following video was part of a celebration of the music of Emahoy Tsegué in A.D. 2013 in Jerusalem.  2 women sing her setting of the Lord's Prayer first in the Ethiopian Amharic language and then in Hebrew.  

Mother Maryam Emahoy Tsegué is the elderly nun seen in the video seated in the front row dressed either in black or in white.

08 February 2016

Esto mihi in Deum protectorem

The Benedictine Nuns of Notre-Dame de l'Annonciation, Le Barroux
Gregorian chant notation from the Liber Usualis (1961), p. 511. 

Be Thou unto me a Goda protector
and a place of refuge– to save me: 
for Thou art my strength and my refuge: 
and for Thy name’s sake Thou wilt lead me, and nourish me.
Ps. In Thee, O Lord, have I hoped, let me never be confounded: 
deliver me in Thy justice, and save me. 

Jesus said to him: Receive thy sight. Thy faith hath made thee whole. 

The following is Telemann's cantata written for the Lutheran Church for Esto Mihi Sunday:

Cantata "Seele, lerne dich erkennen"
for soprano, recorder, and basso continuo TWV1:1258
1. Air - "Seele, lerne dich erkennen"
2. Recitative - "Ein Vogelchen, dem noch die Glieder zu zart und weich" 
3. Air - "So will ich dich mit Freuden kussen" 
Performed by Ensemble Caprice 
Featuring Monika Mauch 
Directed by Matthias Maute


06 February 2016

Political: Oregon Stand-Off


There has been something about the Oregon stand-off and the killing of LaVoy Finicum that has not made any sense to me.  When I hear elements in the mainstream media attempting to defame a man after he has been killed, I smell a rat ... and it is not the deceased. 

Two posts online have helped me sort out the truth of what is going on in Oregon. Well, to be honest I am still sorting and sifting, but these two posts have been helpful tools is searching for the truth.  But the search for the truth is to dive into the veritable rabbit hole of everything wrong with the USA's government and the crony capitalism that perverts the nation's economic health and well being (not to mention the People's liberty).

Click here for a post by Catherine Austin Fitts who asks the question 'Cui bono?' with regard to the public killing of Finicum.  Hers is always a reasonable voice in sorting through what appears to be the absolutely unbelievable but is in fact painfully true.

The other is a blog post by longtime political reporter John Rappaport.  Click here for his blog and his post entitled "The Clintons: Is the Oregon Standoff Really About Uranium?"


HILARION: Passion according to St. Matthew


Let us pray daily and fervently for the meeting of Pope Francis and Patriarch Kyrill of the Russian Orthodox Church to be held in Cuba.

The Passion according to St. Matthew
HILARION (Alfayev)

Click here for Robert Moynihan's account of the background to this historic meeting.

04 February 2016

Bishop Lopes' Ordination

Bishop Steven J. Lopes of the Personal Ordinariate
of the Chair of St. Peter (USA and Canada)

There is a very beautifully written article by Tom Perna on Bishop Steven J. Lopes' Ordination Mass in Houston, Texas.  Click here to read his reflexions on the Liturgy and Consecration of the Bishop.

The new Bishop's comments after the Mass of Ordination


02 February 2016

Byrd: Adorna thalamum tuum


The Newman Consort sings William Byrd's Adorna thalamum tuum. 
Oxford Ordinariate Group, Holy Rood Church, Candlemas 2012

A Blessed Candlemas to All

(Be sure to visit the Rorate Caeli blog for a splendid article on Candlemas in art.)


31 January 2016

Good Night, Radio Walsingham


After 10 years of broadcasting, RADIO WALSINGHAM will cease broadcasting on Sexagesima Sunday, 31 January A.D. 2016.  

Our carrier Live365.com is going out of business because it can no longer afford to operate under the high licensing fees demanded of small broadcasters of recorded music in the USA and Canada.  

At the moment we are studying options for the future, but it looks like it is time for a final "Laudetur Jesus Christus" from RADIO WALSINGHAM as a bereaved staff bid you "Good night, and God bless!"

update: We have set up a Memorial Page of sorts on Pandora for Radio Walsingham.  You may gain access by registering with Pandora, and the link to our 'Radio Walsingham on Pandora' is http://www.pandora.com/station/play/292375303292767981

We hope that for those missing Radio Walsingham that this will bring some consolation.  We do not have direct control over the station, but we have suggested the kinds of music we would play on Radio Walsingham at this time of year and into the Lenten Season for Padora to choose to play via the link above.

30 January 2016

Sexagemisa: Introit


Gregorian chant notation from the Liber Usualis (1961), pp. 504. 
Sung by the Benedictine Nuns 
of Notre-Dame de l'Annonciation, Le Barroux.


23 January 2016

"Do not despise matter, for it is not despicable"


I found an article on Orthodox "veneration" on the blog "Glory to God for All Things" exceptionally helpful and well written and wish to commend it to you, dear Reader, for your perusal.  

Veneration of the Holy Cross of Christ
What follows below is the closing of the article ... which I know is a no-no — I can hear an old friend saying 'Let them read and work through it!'— but for those of you who cannot take time to read or visit the other website, it will give you something fruitful to chew upon and to take into your sacred ruminations this fine day. 

But if possible, do visit the other blog and read the entry in full.  It is well worth it, my friends.

Father Stephen Freeman writes:

The world is icon and sacrament. But it cannot be known until we see it face to face. Listen to these sweet words from St. John of Damascus (7th century):

I honor all matter, and venerate it. Through it, filled, as it were, with a divine power and grace, my salvation has come to me. Was the three-times happy and blessed wood of the Cross not matter? Was the sacred and holy mountain of Calvary not matter? What of the life-giving rock, the Holy Tomb, the source of our resurrection — was it not matter? Is the holy book of the Gospels not matter? Is the blessed table which gives us the Bread of Life not matter? Are the gold and silver, out of which crosses and altar-plate and chalices are made not matter? And before all these things, is not the body and blood of our Lord matter? Either stop venerating all these things, or submit to the tradition of the Church in the venerating of images, honoring God and his friends, and following in this the grace of the Holy Spirit. Do not despise matter, for it is not despicable. Nothing that God has made is. Only that which does not come from God is despicable — our own invention, the spontaneous decision to disregard the law of human nature, i.e., sin.

To read the blog article in full please click this link.


21 January 2016

Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War - Sr. Rosalie Bertell, PhD


Sr. Rosalie Bertell, PhD of blessed memory was a Grey Nun of the Sacred Heart.  The following video was recorded as she was waiting to testify before the United Nations.  This is simply a conversation and not a lecture, but it touches on the dangers overhead in the skies that most everyone takes for granted but should regard with as much alarm as the armies of ISIS/ISIL/Daesh at the gate:

If, dear Reader, you use YouTube, look up the name "Rosalie Bertell" and there are a number of videos of lectures and conversations throughout her professional life.  It is almost impossible to purchase her most important book "Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War " -- a book that remains tremendously relevant for studying the degradation of the atmosphere and the destruction of Earth by military actions and black ops experimentation.

I found almost everything Sr. Bertell testified concerning or lectured upon to be a great shock. I found that I simply did not want to hear because it was too horrifying. I could not imagine how to deal with it or how to make it stop.  Most of us go through a period of feeling numb and helpless when we learn about these things, but then it becomes clear that it is time to take action to do what one can.

Part of what I can do is to introduce her to you through this video recorded very late in her life.  You then can view her other videos or read her writings.  I recommend that you get her book "Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War" -- it can usually be imported from the UK or elsewhere if you live in the USA.  Sometimes copies pop up on eBay.  At the moment there are a number of used copies for purchase via Amazon.com.

The following are the last video recordings of Dr. Bertell before her falling asleep in the Lord.  She believed deeply in the power of the People of God and simply the People gathered together to take down those who are destroying our planet for power and greed.  She believed God wanted us to wake from slumber, unite, and get busy in defunding the programmatic efforts of the militaries and the black operations of national governments as well as the illegal activities of transnational corporations.  

Since her death, everything has gotten worse, and the USA has continued to use uranium tipped munitions which are a fundamental crime against humanity and planet.  The spin-meisters love to speak of "depleted uranium" —as if that makes it safe to use but it is still uranium and is a horror from hell for anyone exposed to it.



20 January 2016

The Abbess Euphrosinia of St. Elisabeth's, Minsk


I had to share this from Abbess Euphrosinia (Laptik) from St. Elisabeth's Convent in Minsk, Belarus.  (The Russian Orthodox community of nuns derive their charism from the religious community  founded by St. Elisabeth the New Martyr.)  The Abbess said:

I had a very illuminating experience not long ago. I learned the Saviour's words, "I was in prison, and ye came unto me. . . I was hungry, and ye gave me meat" (Cf. Matthew 25:35-40) from my own experience. I was driving and I saw a man indicating that he needed a ride. He was visibly drunk. Several cars had driven past him. I stopped and thought, "Wow, I've stopped!" (Laughs) 
Our ride was short. He talked all the time; he almost wept and asked me to pray for him. You know, people often feel inclined to repent after drinking some alcohol, and besides, I was wearing the habit... When he got out of my car, I felt as if it was Jesus who had visited me in such an unfathomable way. The feeling was so vivid! I had never had such an experience, even when I visited the hospital unit. I was so surprised! Even though that person was drunk and talked nonsense… Christ is near, and you spend your life without noticing him.

December 18, 2015

St. Elisabeth the New Martyr
(Grand Princess Elisabeth of Russia)


19 January 2016

Please Help the FSSP Parish in Los Angeles


The FSSP were invited to Los Angeles a little over a year ago by Archbishop Gomez.  Their new parish is raising funds for their own building in which to celebrate the parochial liturgical life of the Traditional Latin Mass and all the riches of the Extraordinary Form of the Latin Rite.  

If they can raise US$ 65,000 dollars by 11 February A.D. 2016, then a very generous donor will likewise donate US$ 65,000 to the building fund.  This is a huge opportunity for them and for the larger Church.

It is extremely important that this parish exist in Los Angeles and that they have a home of their own.  

Please, of your charity if you able, donate to the Building Fund by going to this link on the FSSP LA website and then click on the green Donate button in the upper right hand corner of their homepage.  You will then be taken to a Donation page where you should click on the link for the Building Fund.

Many thanks indeed.
Merci beaucoup beaucoup.


16 January 2016

Mitt Hjerte Alltid Vanker


Brorson's hymn Mitt Hjerte Alltid Vanker is far more than a Christmas hymn. Sadly, I have never found a recording with all of the verses sung. The following video from  is of Norway's Sissel Kyrkjebø singing the profound section of that hymn regarded as the Christmas text:

And being put into a retrospective Christmas mood, I share with you now the most beautiful rendition of "O Holy Night" that I have ever heard ... sung in one of the Norwegian languages by Sissel:

God bless us, every one!


12 January 2016

We Beheld Once Again the Stars


Live video of "Riveder' le Stelle" (We Beheld Once Again the Stars) by Z. Randall Strope sung by the Philippine Madrigal Singers at the European Grand Prix 2007.


Kyiv Chamber Choir: O Holy God (Berezovsky)


Kyiv Chamber Choir
"O Holy God" by Maxim Berezovsky 

09 January 2016

Be Still, My Soul


Finlandia: "BE STILL MY SOUL"

Sung by Finbar Wright


07 January 2016

J. Edgar Park: “We Would See Jesus”


Today I was thinking of a hymn written by J. Edgar Park (1879-1956) entitled "We Would See Jesus".  (For some the tune is permanently linked with a tune named CUSHMAN, and as one would expect, others wish there were another tune altogether.) I tend to think of this as a hymn sung in the mid-20th century by Presbyterians, Methodists, and Congregationalists in the USA.

Today I am interested in the text as one for rumination and prayer this day in Epiphanytide:

We would see Jesus, lo! His star is shining
Above the stable while the angels sing;
There in a manger on the hay reclining;
Haste, let us lay our gifts before the King.

We would see Jesus, Mary’s Son most holy,
Light of the village life from day to day;
Shining revealed through every task most lowly,
The Christ of God, the Life, the Truth, the Way.

We would see Jesus, on the mountain teaching,
With all the listening people gathered round;
While birds and flowers and sky above are preaching
The blessedness which simple trust has found.

We would see Jesus, in His work of healing,
At eventide before the sun was set;
Divine and human, in His deep revealing
Of God made flesh, in loving service met.

We would see Jesus, in the early morning,
Still as of old He calleth, “Follow Me!”
Let us arise, all meaner service scorning,
Lord, we are Thine, and give ourselves to Thee.

Mark Mallett: "Ascetic in the City"

I wish to commend to you, dear Reader, a recent article by Mark Mallett on his blog. It is entitled "Ascetic in the City", and I think he gives good advice to all of us who find ourselves still part of Christendom yet surrounded by the cesspool of a broken society and an increasingly diabolical civilisation. The following is a brief excerpt from his work:

The question is how we can live faithfully in contemporary society surrounded by so many goods, so many intrigues, technological advancements, comforts and pleasures? The answer today, at this hour, is in some ways not too unlike the Desert Fathers who literally fled the world into caves and solitudes. But how does one do this in the city? How does one do this within the context of family, soccer clubs, and the workplace?

Maybe we need to ask the question how Jesus entered pagan Roman times, dining with prostitutes and tax collectors, and yet remaining “without sin.” [2] Well, as Our Lord said, it is a matter of the “heart”—where one sets his eyes.
The lamp of the body is the eye. If your eye is sound, your whole body will be filled with light. (Matt 6:22)
And so, here are ten simple ways that you and I can refocus our spiritual and physical eyes, and become ascetics in the city.


06 January 2016

Julian Calendar Nativity: С Рождеством Христовым


In Old Church Slavonic

God is with us.

Divna and Melodi • Serbian Nativity Hymn 'Slava' "Glory"

Ukrainian Christmas carols (rec.1947) Ivan Kozlovskiy
Українські Різдвяні пісні-колядки (1947 р.)
Іван Семенович Козловський
Украинские Рождественские песни-колядки ( 1947 г.)
Иван Семёнович Козловский