22 July 2015

From the Syrian Orthodox Church

Traditional configuration of the Syrian Orthodox Bema and Altar

The following hymn is one of those that may be sung when the curtain is drawn across the Sanctuary in the Divine Liturgy of the Syrian Orthodox Church:

I was a lost and wandering sheep.

The Church responded, saying:
I was scattered and dispersed,
Lo! My Shepherd went out 
in search of me, and found me.

He carried me and put me on His shoulder,
And brought me into His fold of Life,
He set before me the Table of Life:
His atoning Body and Blood,
So that, wherewith, 
my children and I together be always sustained.

Therefore, my children and I, 
with one accord,
Cry out unto Him, saying:

Holy, holy, holy are You,
O Son, Who gave us His Body and Blood.
Holy are You, O Son of God;
Blessed be Your honor from Your dwelling place.

Below is a recording made in Aleppo, Syria in A.D. 2007 of the Lord's Prayer in Syriac sung in the Syrian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Ephrem:

Of your mercy please pray  for the Christians of the Middle East and North Africa who are suffering under the affliction of warfare and terrorism.  

May those Christians who have been executed for their Christian faith  receive the Martyr's Crown at the Hand of God and likewise be embraced by the Lord Jesus Christ and welcomed into the kingdom of His light and truth.

Pray also for those non-Christians who are also being targeted for abuse and execution by Daesh/ISIL/ISIS. 

May the Blessed Trinity in all of His infinite mercy give a "Damascus Road" experience to all of the terrorists and supporters of ISIL/ISIS/Daesh.  May the Holy Ghost come upon them and drive them to total remorse, repentance, amendment of life, and true faith in God the Word made flesh, Jesus Christ the  Righteous.


11 July 2015

Heart of Jesus, Think of Me


HEART OF JESUS, think of me.
Eyes of Jesus, look on me.
Face of Jesus, comfort me.
Hands of Jesus, bless me.
Feet of Jesus, guide me.
Arms of Jesus, hold me.
Body of Jesus, feed me.
Blood of Jesus, wash me.
Jesus, make me thus thine own.
Here and in the world to come. Amen.

Saint Augustine's Prayer Book
Order of the Holy Cross




You may be like me and have only recently heard mention of military exercises to take place within the 'homeland' of the USA code named JADE HELM.  Many in Texas are deeply concerned -- including the Governor of Texas -- and so I think it worth while to make mention of it for my readers in the U.S. American Southwest who will be in the target zone of these military exercises.

I have been advised by friends to prepare the cupboard/pantry with food, water, and drinks as if I were preparing for a hurricane.  I have been told by a retired military friend to be prepared for cuts in electrical power ... so I have batteries and candles but I imagine others who have back-up generators should see to it that they have enough fuel to run their generators.  

An Episcopalian religious of many years acquaintance contacted me concerned that as a hermit I would not be aware of the potential problems with the military exercises, and she advised me to be sure to have cash taken out of the bank in case banks are closed. 

Let me repeat that I know nothing first hand, but prudence would dictate that those of us living within this zone who live in areas the U.S. military has designated 'Hostile' (such as the region where I live) should at least mentally prepare ourselves for a disruption in normal activities.  

My nearest neighbours are leaving the area to go to visit family in the northeast of the USA and others to Canada for their summer holiday.  Well timed, I think.  

Here is a link to a video of some sort of news broadcast questioning JADE HELM: click here.  It is one of thousands out there it seems, but it does raise very specific questions about what has transpired in Big Spring, Texas with regard to the upcoming military exercises:  https://youtu.be/G7rmt5089Mo

As an armchair sleuth, I am not much good, but I do thank my friends who have been concerned that I would be caught unawares in a situation that could cause me enough stress to have a heart attack or another stroke.  Without forewarning I would not have reacted well to parachuting troops on the front lawn or tanks blocking roadways ... 'tis true.

May God be merciful and may the innocent be sheltered from all harm.


05 July 2015

A Prayer of Eucharistic Longing for Christ

A very rare image of Christ found in an English church.

graciously fill me with true charity,
that I may ever hunger after thee, 
the Bread of Angels,
the refreshment of holy souls.

Grant that I may ever long to feed upon thee,
and that my inmost soul may be filled
with a desire for thy goodness.

Grant that my soul may ever thirst for thee,
the fountain of life,
the fountain of wisdom and knowledge,
the fountain of eternal light,
the joy and the richness of the house of God. Amen.

Saint Augustine's Prayer Book
Revised Edition 2014
Forward Movement

01 July 2015

Kitty Cleveland and Charlie Johnstonʻs song


I stumbled across a beautiful little recording Kitty Cleveland had made of Charlie Johnstonʻs Song of Thanksgiving (regarding the Miraculous Rescue of Godʻs people that he says will take place in 2017 according to what he has received from Heaven).  It is a simple song meant to be sung over and over, and I think it especially gives the grace of encouragement through difficult moments and times.

And the People of the Kingdom
And the People of Heaven
Shall rise together
Shall rise forever

And the People of the Kingdom
And the People of Heaven
Shall Rise together
Shall rise forever

and God shall rule.


A Prayer to Christ Our God


the wisdom, the power, and the glory of the Father, 
who dwelt among us as the Word made flesh 
and, having overcome the prince of darkness, 
returned to the eternal joys of heaven: 
Grant us, even now in the midst of this dark world, 
the full outpouring of thy splendour, 
and appoint thy holy angels to be our defenders, 
to guard our going out and our coming in, 
until by thy mercy, 
we stand in the eternal light, 
where thou dost live and reign, 
world without end. Amen.

Saint Augustine's Prayer Book 
Revised Edition,  2014
Forward Movement