11 July 2015



You may be like me and have only recently heard mention of military exercises to take place within the 'homeland' of the USA code named JADE HELM.  Many in Texas are deeply concerned -- including the Governor of Texas -- and so I think it worth while to make mention of it for my readers in the U.S. American Southwest who will be in the target zone of these military exercises.

I have been advised by friends to prepare the cupboard/pantry with food, water, and drinks as if I were preparing for a hurricane.  I have been told by a retired military friend to be prepared for cuts in electrical power ... so I have batteries and candles but I imagine others who have back-up generators should see to it that they have enough fuel to run their generators.  

An Episcopalian religious of many years acquaintance contacted me concerned that as a hermit I would not be aware of the potential problems with the military exercises, and she advised me to be sure to have cash taken out of the bank in case banks are closed. 

Let me repeat that I know nothing first hand, but prudence would dictate that those of us living within this zone who live in areas the U.S. military has designated 'Hostile' (such as the region where I live) should at least mentally prepare ourselves for a disruption in normal activities.  

My nearest neighbours are leaving the area to go to visit family in the northeast of the USA and others to Canada for their summer holiday.  Well timed, I think.  

Here is a link to a video of some sort of news broadcast questioning JADE HELM: click here.  It is one of thousands out there it seems, but it does raise very specific questions about what has transpired in Big Spring, Texas with regard to the upcoming military exercises:  https://youtu.be/G7rmt5089Mo

As an armchair sleuth, I am not much good, but I do thank my friends who have been concerned that I would be caught unawares in a situation that could cause me enough stress to have a heart attack or another stroke.  Without forewarning I would not have reacted well to parachuting troops on the front lawn or tanks blocking roadways ... 'tis true.

May God be merciful and may the innocent be sheltered from all harm.