22 July 2015

From the Syrian Orthodox Church

Traditional configuration of the Syrian Orthodox Bema and Altar

The following hymn is one of those that may be sung when the curtain is drawn across the Sanctuary in the Divine Liturgy of the Syrian Orthodox Church:

I was a lost and wandering sheep.

The Church responded, saying:
I was scattered and dispersed,
Lo! My Shepherd went out 
in search of me, and found me.

He carried me and put me on His shoulder,
And brought me into His fold of Life,
He set before me the Table of Life:
His atoning Body and Blood,
So that, wherewith, 
my children and I together be always sustained.

Therefore, my children and I, 
with one accord,
Cry out unto Him, saying:

Holy, holy, holy are You,
O Son, Who gave us His Body and Blood.
Holy are You, O Son of God;
Blessed be Your honor from Your dwelling place.

Below is a recording made in Aleppo, Syria in A.D. 2007 of the Lord's Prayer in Syriac sung in the Syrian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Ephrem:

Of your mercy please pray  for the Christians of the Middle East and North Africa who are suffering under the affliction of warfare and terrorism.  

May those Christians who have been executed for their Christian faith  receive the Martyr's Crown at the Hand of God and likewise be embraced by the Lord Jesus Christ and welcomed into the kingdom of His light and truth.

Pray also for those non-Christians who are also being targeted for abuse and execution by Daesh/ISIL/ISIS. 

May the Blessed Trinity in all of His infinite mercy give a "Damascus Road" experience to all of the terrorists and supporters of ISIL/ISIS/Daesh.  May the Holy Ghost come upon them and drive them to total remorse, repentance, amendment of life, and true faith in God the Word made flesh, Jesus Christ the  Righteous.