27 February 2013

Really Useful Website



If you are a pianist pressed into service on a church organ, this website is a godsend.  I think it would also be useful for someone with limited experience who is looking for repertoire.

Church organists may also wish to know of it because it could be a great way to train up a keyboardist to substitute at the organ should one need to be away.


+Ave Jesu Christe!

26 February 2013

From Dorothy Day

Kyrie eleison imas.

The Bible isn’t meant to keep people apart; it isn’t meant to be a badge of honor. The worst sin is pride, and you can have a religious pride that is sinful. I didn’t see that for a long time—the way religion can be used to hurt people. I knew history—all the hate in the name of religion. But in everyday life, even before I became Catholic, I had assumed that people who took the time to read the Bible and pray were going to behave better toward other people, because they would be influenced by all the beauty in that book. But I was naive, maybe blind.

 Dorothy Day

+Miserere nobis, Domine

20 February 2013

Cardinal Says Vatican Appeases Communists in China


A very important article!  Please read the following excerpt and then continue on The Catholic Register's website:

Cardinal Zen

Vatican appeases Chinese government

Compromise has led to communists making 'slaves of the bishops'

TORONTO - At 81 years old, the bishop who once led hundreds of thousands through the streets of Hong Kong — defying Beijing, demanding democracy and an accountable government — is not holding his tongue.
Hong Kong's retired Cardinal Joseph Zen warns of an impending schism in the Chinese Catholic Church and blames the Vatican for allowing Communist Party officials to run roughshod over China's bishops.
"For years they (the Communist Party of China) had everything their way. The Holy See adopted a policy of appeasement and compromise," Zen told The Catholic Register while in Toronto to deliver an early February address to Convivium magazine subscribers. "So they were happy that they could control more and more the Catholic Church, and they could make slaves of the bishops."
Chinese Catholics on the mainland are split between the underground Church and officially registered churches, while the Chinese government interferes in the appointment of bishops. There is a serious risk of a Chinese schism, said the cardinal.
"Do you know what I write to the Holy Father?" Zen asked. "I say it is only because of your kindness that the official Church is not called schismatic. It is actually schismatic without being named. It's risking being a schismatic Church with the blessing of the Holy See, because the Holy Father cannot command that Church. The whole command is in the hands of the government."

The full article may be found at this link:  http://www.catholicregister.org/home/item/15857-vatican-appeases-chinese-government-zen

+Domine, audi nos.

07 February 2013


S. Ambrose (iv cent ) ; Tr. J.M. Neale (1818-1866)

Th'eternal gifts of Christ the King,
The Martyrs' glorious deeds we sing:
And while due hymns of praise we pay,
Our thankful hearts cast grief away.

The terrors of the world despised,
The body's torments lightly prized,
By one brief space of death and pain
Life everlasting they obtain.

To flames the Martyr Saints are hail'd;
By teeth of savage beasts assail'd;
Against them, arm'd with ruthless brand
And hooks of steel, the torturers stand.

The mangled frame is tortured sore;
The holy life-drops freshly pour:
They stand unmoved amidst the strife,
By grace of everlasting life.

Redeemer, hear us of thy love;
That, with the Martyr host above,
Hereafter, of thine endless grace,
Thy servants also may have place.  Amen.

Songs of Syon, 4th edition, Hymn 225
Rev. G.R. Woodward, editor
London : Schott & Co.

+Sanctorum meritis

Postscript to 'Songs of Syon'


Suld I tharfor have blame,
Quahay can do better, say furth on Goddis Name.
I schrink not anys, correkkit for to be
With ony wycht, groundit on charite,
And glaidlie wald I baith inquire and lere,
And to ilk cunnand wicht la to mine ere ;
Bot laith me war, but uther offence or crime,
Ane bruitell body sul intertrik my ryme.

Bishop of Dunkeld
c. 1513

+Christe eleison imas.

04 February 2013

Regarding the USA's Constitution


I do not often comment on things political on this blog, but I feel I must.  The USA is a nation that is swiftly sliding and stumbling on its way towards becoming a brutal and sad parody of itself. As someone who loves the USA, I think the only way to turn things around is by reforming the federal government of the USA by amendment to the the Constitution.

An amendment is needed so that a person can only serve one term in elected office at the federal level with the definition of the term served as follows: 1 Presidential term of six years, 1 House term of five years, 1 Senate term of eight years. After the 1 (and only) term the President/Congress-member/Senator would be out of Federal government; and, after serving this one term -- whether part of the term or full term -- these individuals would be banned from lobbying and from representing foreign or corporate interests. If only a partial term is served, the individual would be barred from standing for election at the federal level and would likewise be barred from lobbying or serving foreign or corporate interests as a paid employee or volunteer emissary.

The USA is also in desperate need of an Anti-Dynasty amendment that would ban the parents, spouse, children, siblings, grandchildren and nieces and nephews of those elected President from seeking elected office at the Federal level or from accepting appointments to federal positions or employment at the Federal level. 

There also needs to be an amendment that expressly terminates Executive Orders by the President from extending beyond the internal workings of the Executive Branch. And together with that the President would be forbidden from making 'signing statements' at the time of signing legislation.  Let his veto be a veto, and let his 'Yes' be his signature on the legislation... end of subject.

... and I'm just getting started...


Abp. García-Siller at Our Lady of the Atonement


I felt I had to post this beautiful photo from mid January showing Archbishop Gustavo García-Siller at the Anglican Use parish of Our Lady of the Atonement in San Antonio, Texas.   The Archbishop is celebrating Holy Mass according to the Rite One form in The Book of Divine Worship commonly called the Anglican Use of the Roman Rite.   Not only do we see the Archbishop celebrating ad orientem but we also see a hint of the altar rail.

+O sacrum convivium!

03 February 2013

Illumina faciem guam - Gesualdo


A great beauty by Gesualdo:

+Lord, have mercy upon us.

Insanae et vanae curae by Haydn


Cantate Domino Aalst singing Haydn's 'Insanae et vanae curae'

+Kyrie eleison imas.

All Saints Sisters' New Website


This is simply a note to encourage you to visit the very beautiful new website of the wonderful All Saints Sisters of the Poor in Catonsville, Maryland.  During your visit to their new website please visit their online store and purchase some of their gorgeous illuminated cards.  These dear Sisters are enormously courageous and deserve our prayers and our financial support.

The All Saints Sisters of the Poor  
A Roman Catholic Community of the Anglican Patrimony

+Ave Jesu Christe!