18 March 2012

Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos

Dear friends and readers,

After years of illness and being largely confined to bed, I have received a miraculous healing through the intercession of Blessed Father Francis Xavier Seelos, C.Ss.R. of New Orleans.  

I was not able to walk on my own and had to use a rollator, walker, wheelchair, or walking sticks/canes.  After being prayed for at the Shrine of Blessed Seelos in New Orleans I no longer needed any assistance either from such mechanisms or from others in order to walk about.  I can even run and dance now.  Those who know me know what a total miracle this is.

As for those who need evidence, before my healing my EEG was always abnormal and a source of alarm.  Now my EEG is normal.
Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos

I praise the Lord for my healing, a healing which has been granted for a purpose.  First, I hope to promote the cause of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos and to encourage everyone to make of him their friend in Heaven.  I also encourage the sick and suffering to ask for the intercession of Blessed Seelos for I have found him to be a most happy saint eager to help all those in need.

Now mind you, he is not yet a saint, and I do not know if my results can qualify for the sort of miracle for which they are seeking in order to raise him to the altar as a Saint with a capital "S".  But regardless of his official status there is no doubt in my mind or heart that he is truly a great saint of God and a continuing witness of the Lord Jesus Christ preaching to all of the Lord Jesus through these miraculous healings and favours received.

Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us.
Laetare, Ierusalem!