30 April 2013

CCWatershed: Modal Psalms


Another excellent chant resource is coming from CCWatershed.

For more information and some music previews, click HERE.

28 April 2013

Caryll Houselander: Battering the bodies of innocence


Do take the time to read this article by Dawn Eden regarding a prophetic passage in a novel by Caryll Houselander, the Catholic mystic whose writings have been an immeasurable blessing in my life.  Dawn Eden's insight here is a gift in raising up before us this profoundly important passage. (If you have not already done so, do read Dawn Eden's two books her most recent of which is a life-saving treasure for those traumatised and injured by sexual wounds.  And as I always do, I heartily recommend reading anything by Caryll Houselander.
Caryll Houselander, Catholic mystic, writer, artist, and evangelist
I am one of many who believe deeply that Caryll Houselander was a saint with a capital "S", and I pray that some day the Church will come to see the value in canonising those whose ongoing Evangelical gift in communication is as much a Miracle of God as any particular Miracle credited to one of the Lord's venerable and blessed sons and daughters.  Here is the link to Dawn Eden's article from December of last year:  Click here.

+Domine, audi nos.

26 April 2013

Our Lady of Good Counsel


Our Lady of Good Counsel, pray for us.

+Sancta Maria, ora pro nobis.

11 April 2013

"Why?" they will cry.

Kyrie eleison imas.

When the USA lies in ruins, and people cry out, 'Why did God let this happen to us?', I would remind them of this for starters ... the news that U.S. news corporations are not covering: