05 May 2013

Servant of God Sr. Consolata Betrone

"Jesus and Mary, I love you. save souls"

Servant of God Sr. Consolata Betrone, pray for us.

The original website is no longer available, but the page about Servant of God Sr. Consolata Beltrone may be read via Archive.Org and its snapshot of the Monastero Sacro Cuore website: click here.

Fr Lorenzo Sales IMC
There are two books that are recommended. The first is Jesus Appeals to the World by Sister's spiritual director, Father Lorenzo Sales, IMC. It is available here.

Another book that is about her in part is Words of Love by Father Bartholomew Gottemoller, OSCO. He also writes about Sr. Josefa Menendez and Sr. Mary of the Trinity. It is available from TAN Books at this link.