27 April 2014

Jesu Confido Tibi

The Divine Mercy: Jezu ufam Tobie

This 2011 image of the Divine Mercy is by a young artist who goes by the name Theophilia.  Her work is inspired with a fresh vision that draws from some contemporary drawing conventions as well as the deep wells of the Church's visual traditions. I am looking forward to the years ahead as she continues to grow and refine her artistic gift.

You will notice that she has placed a watermark on her images so as to protect her work from thieves. I hope you will support her work by purchasing an image if you are able. I am especially taken with her images of the Evangelist St. Mark and St. Luke the Evangelist.

Click here to visit her website (on the DeviantArt megasite) where you can see her images and find instructions on how to order copies of her artwork.