12 November 2007

Illness, Infirmity & Suffering

Sadly I have not been able to continue this blog as I have desired. I suffer from crippling neuropathic pain that is at least in part related to a syrinx within my spinal cord. There are other medical problems to boot due to stroke, but what makes each day a marathon to endure is simply coping with pain. Imagine if the lower half of your body was on fire -- you are then getting close to what I have dealt with for years.

I feel very blessed that there have been long stretches in my life when this pain has inexplicably alleviated. During such times I tried to accomplish as much as possible not knowing if or when the physical ordeal would begin again in earnest. During the times of abatement or times like those of the present in which I barely make it through each day, Jesus and the Communion of Saints have been present to me and with me in the most wondrous ways. These consolations have been the manna in my wilderness of illness, infirmity and suffering.