14 June 2008

A Coptic Intercession

Pray for the air of heaven, the fruits of the earth,
the rising of the waters of the rivers,
the seeds, the herbs, and the plants of the field;
that Christ our God may bless them,
bring them to perfection in peace without harm,
and forgive us our sins.

Lord have mercy. Lord have mercy. Lord, have mercy.

Raise them to their measure according to your grace.
Give joy to the face of the earth.
May its furrows be abundatly watered
and its fruits be plentiful.
Prepare it for sowing and harvesting.
Manage our life as deemed fit.
Bless the crown of the year with your goodness,
for the sake of the poor of your people,
the widow, the orphan, the traveller, the stranger,
and for the sake of us all, who entreat you
and seek your holy Name.
For the eyes of everyone wait upon you,
for you give them their food in due season.
Deal with us according to your goodness,
O you who give food to all flesh.

Fill our hearts with joy and gladness,
that we too, having sufficiency in everything always,
may abound in every good deed.

Lord have mercy.

Prayers from the East:
Traditions of Eastern Christianity
Richard Marsh, editor