25 July 2008

The Last Prayer of St. Charbel

from the Maronite Divine Liturgy

Father of truth,
Here is your Son,
The sacrifice in which you are well pleased.

Accept him for he died for me.
So through him I shall be pardoned.

Here is the offering.
Take it from my hands
And so I shall be reconciled with you.

Remember not the sins that I have committed
In front of your Majesty.

Here is the blood which flowered on Golgotha
For my salvation and prays for me.

Out of consideration for this,
Accept my supplication.

I have committed many sins
But your mercy is great.

If you put them in the balance,
Your goodness will have more weight
Than the most mighty mountains.

Look not upon my sins,
But rather on what is offered for them,
For the offering and the sacrifice
Are even greater than the offences.

Because I have sinned,
Your beloved bore the nails and the spear.

His sufferings are enough to satisfy you.

By them I shall live.

Glory be to the Father who sent His Son for us.
Adoration be to the Son who has freed us and ensured our salvation.
Blessed be he who by his love has given life to all.

To him be the glory.