25 March 2010

Blessèd Miguel Pro, Martyr

Blessed Miguel Pro wrote the following prayer to Our Lady of Sorrows ten days before his death, when he instinctively sensed what was going to happen to him:

Let me live beside you, my Mother,
to keep you company in your solitude and your deepest grief!

Let me feel again in my soul
the sadness of your eyes and the abandonment of your heart!

On the road of my life I do not want
to taste the joy of Bethlehem,
the infant Jesus in your virginal arms.
I do not want to enjoy the dear presence of Jesus Christ
in your humble house of Nazareth.

Nor do I wish to unite myself

with the choir of angels

in your glorious Assumption!

In my life I want the jeers

and the derision of Calvary;

I want the slow agony of your Son,

the contempt, the ignominy,
the infamy of the Cross.

My wish, O Sorrowful Virgin,
is to
stand beside you, to strengthen my spirit through your tears,
to consume my sacrifice through your martyrdom,

to sustain my heart with your solitude,
to love my God and your God
through the immolation of my whole being.

Through the intercession of Blessed Miguel Pro, I pray for the miracle of complete healing and restoration of my body by the healing virtue of Christ the King.

I stand in grave need of your prayers, gentle reader, and I beg you to pray to the Lord for my healing through the intercession of Blessed Miguel Pro. God be praised.
+Laus Deo!