03 July 2010

I had a great friend in the late Right Reverend Leopoldo Jesus Alard, Bishop Suffragan of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas. In 2003 after learning of his death, I sat down and wrote this hymn text as an expression of my filial love for a wonderful spiritual father, and I hoped to shine a light on the very genuine living martyrdom he endured for Jesus' sake.

Having had some recent requests for it, I feel it is the right time to make it more easily available via this blog. Made popular again at the end of the 20th century coupled with Bishop Timothy Dudley-Smith's marvellous poem "Tell Out My Soul", the tune 'WOODLANDS' by Greatorex is known by Christians of all sorts of backgrounds. Set to my text the tune is strong, bright and uplifting. Certainly a more contemplative tune would also work.

As with all my hymns I pray they please the Blessed Trinity and are useful to the Church. And for you, gentle reader, I ask God to impart to you blessings and graces to press on in the upward call of Christ our God.


To Paradise may angels lead you home.
The arms of Christ enfold you in his love.
The hosts of heav'n and all saints sing with joy
to welcome you, true friend of Christ our God.

Bearing your cross, you suffered for his sake,
strong as a lion, gentle as a lamb.
Your witness shines from earth to heav'n above.
Christ calls your name, "Well done, my faithful one."

All shall be well. Rest in the peace of God
and rise in glory in the Day of Christ.
All shall be well, and all things turned to joy
when reunited we will see the Lord.

Tune: Woodlands (Greatorex)
Words: Copyright © 2003, 2010 by Vincent Uher.

Please write to me for reprint permissions by email: vuher@alumni.rice.edu

+Laus Deo!