17 June 2011

Cardinal Wuerl's Speech in Video with Questions & Answers

The following video shows Cardinal Wuerl giving his report to the USCCB.  The question and answer  period that follows his report is especially interesting.  A factual error is made with regard to the Pastoral Provision of Blessed John Paul II.  Cardinal Wuerl frames the Pastoral Provision as being for single priests who enter the Catholic Church one at a time.  This is correct only in part.  The Pastoral Provision from Day One spoke of the "common identity" group and its needs.  The reception into the Church of the Episcopalians would be as individuals since there was no statute for corporate reunion of a group or of an entire denomination.  The great gift of Anglicanorum coetibus is that Pope Benedict XVI has made explicit provision for the reunion of groups of Anglicans/Episcopalians with Holy Mother Church.

+Laus Deo!