06 August 2012

Anglican Patrimony: 'An Office of Preparation'

The Anglican liturgical patrimony, though planted in the West, has faced East for its development and inspiration.  The following 'Office of Preparation' for divine worship is typical of the Anglican adaptation of liturgical materials from the Christian East, in this case the Divine Liturgy of the Syriac Orthodox (previously called the Syrian Jacobites):

HOLY is the holy Father,
Holy is the holy Son,
Holy is the living and holy Spirit.
Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Ghost;
And upon us, weak and sinful, be mercy and grace at all times.

Lord have mercy.

Vouchsafe unto us, O Lord God, with knowledge and fear and beauty of spiritual order to stand before thee in purity and holiness, and to worship thee as the Lord and Creator of all, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost for ever.

Lord have mercy.

To thee, O Lord, do I stretch forth the hands of my heart, and implore forgiveness, albeit unworthy; and do beseech thee, keep my mind from the operations of the enemy, mine eyes that they look not incotinently, mine ears that they hearken not to vanities, mine hands from the service of hateful things, and my reins that they be moved in thee so that I be entirely thine, O Christ our God for ever.

Lord have mercy.

Into thy house, O God, have we entered, thy holy vessels have we prepared, the garments of purity put on.  Unto thy sanctuary come we to minister, before thy whole church on earth and in the holy company of the redeemed, to make oblation at thine altar and to worship in thy presence, O Christ our God for ever.

Lord have mercy.

O wash mine hands in innocency;
And so shall I go to thine altar.

Let thy priests be clothed with righteousness;
And thy saints sing with joyfulness.

Let us pray.

Cleanse our hearts and members, O Lord, that they may be instruments of righteousness and meet for all good and right works, making us pure temples and chosen vessels that are fit for the service of thy glory, and for the praise of thy holy name, O Lord and God for ever. Amen.

O pure and spotless Lamb, who offered to the Father an acceptable offering for the expiation and redemption of the whole world; Vouchsafe us to offer ourselves to thee a living sacrifice and like unto thy sacrifice, which was for us, O Christ our God for ever. Amen.

Sacrifices of praise may we be accounted worthy to offer unto thee, O Lord, as a sweet-smelling savour, even all our thoughts and words and deeds in pure longing after thee; and so without spot to appear before thee all the days of our life, O Father, Son and Holy Ghost for ever. Amen.

Holy is the holy Father,
Holy is the holy Son,
Holy is the living and holy Spirit. Amen. 

from The Cuddesdon College Office Book, 1961

+Agios o Theos.