28 February 2014

Crimea and WWIII

It would seem that international banking concerns have their man in as prime minister of Ukraine.

At the same time it would appear that Russian special forces are busily taking over Crimea (Respublika Krym).  Since the forces are not wearing any national insignia, I would conjecture that Russia intends for Respublika Krym to become an independent pro-Russian nation. Yet it would not surprise me if the Russians simply take it.  Kruschëv gave the Crimea to the Ukraine, and if there is a 'pearl' in the Ukrainian oyster the Crimea is generally held to be it.

The final possibility is that Russia will simply invade Ukraine.  Put that together with Russia's warship parked in Cuba at the moment and the Russian move to gain ports and military favours in Nicaragua, Venezuela ... and even Singapore...

Yes, "same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was," to quote the Talking Heads.

Will this be seen as the beginning of World War III (or IV depending on how you count things)?  I do not know.  It seems more like an historical echo of many injustices in the region, ghosts marching across the stage.  But more likely it is simply part of Russian plans to return to Superpower status.

For example, once the USA has fully withdrawn from Afghanistan should the Russians decide to invade and take their place... sometimes the script is simply too easy to write.

One hopes that the world will have done with the banksters and the folks in the shadows who get their thrills by manipulating humanity and putting the torch to the world through wars upon wars.

May the Divine Son, glory to Him, restrain us from bloodshed by the outpouring of the Holy Ghost upon the world. Amen.