30 October 2014

The Savour of Blessedness


“Already is there on you the savour of blessedness, O ye who are soon to be enlightened: already are you gathering spiritual flowers, to weave heavenly crowns withal: already hath the fragrance of the Holy Ghost refreshed you: already are you at the entrance-hall of the King's house: may you be brought into it by the King! 

“For now the blossoms of the trees have budded; may but the fruit likewise be perfected! Thus far, your names have been given in, and the roll-call made for service; there are the torches of the bridal train, and the longings after heavenly citizenship, and a good purpose, and a hope attendant; for he cannot lie who hath said, To them that love God, all things work together for good. 

“God is indeed lavish in His benefits: yet He looks for each man's honest resolve: so the Apostle subjoins, To those who are called according to their purpose. Honesty of purpose makes thee called: for though the body be here, yet if the mind be away, it avails nothing.”

St. Cyril of Jerusalem in The Procatechesis 

(as found in Frank Cross,
Saint Cyril of Jerusalem's Lectures 
on the Christian Sacraments)