07 June 2015

Rossetti: ‘Epiphany and All Saints’


They have brought gold and spices to my King,

Incense and precious stuff and ivory.

O holy Mother mine, what can I bring,

That so my Lord may deign to look on me?

They sing a sweeter song than I can sing,

All crowned and glorified exceedingly:

I, bound on earth, weep for my trespassing, -

They sing the song of love, in heaven set free.

Then answered me my Mother, and her voice

Spake to my heart; yea, answered in my heart:

‘Sing, saith He, to the heavens, to earth, Rejoice:

Thou also lift thy heart to Him above:

He seeks not thine, but thee such as thou art,

For lo his banner over thee is Love.’

Christina Rossetti (1830-1894)