28 July 2016

French bishops: Day of Fasting on Friday, 29 July


The Catholic bishops of France have called for a Day of Fasting on Friday, 29 July A.D. 2016 in response to the beheading and martyrdom of Father Jacques Hamel.

It is important to understand that Fr. Hamel died because his assailants hated the Christian faith and hated him as a priest of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  This was not simply an act of terror nor was it merely another murder.  It was the martyrdom of Fr. Hamel at the hands of those who hate the True Faith of the Lord Jesus Christ.

While other episcopal conferences have yet to call for solidarity with the faithful of France in the Day of Fasting on Friday, 29 July A.D. 2016, I suggest that in some way we share in the day of fasting.  

Perhaps a day of fasting is not possible within your responsibilities or with regard to your personal health, so please allow me to suggest a recitation of the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary or an hour with Sacred Scripture and in prayer.

Our Lady, Queen of France, pray for us.