25 August 2016

Alarming Message from the German Government


Many already know about the alarming document from the German government that has many in Germany wondering if they should flee the country.

I will quote from an email sent to me:

Earlier this week the German government leaked a frightening 69-page memo entitled “Concept for Civil Defense.” 
Citing multiple terrorist attacks, cybercrime, and a host of other threats, the report states that Germans should prepare for an event that could “threaten our existence.” 
The report proposes a number of mandatory countermeasures, including that Germans should stockpile food and water. 
There’s also peculiar language about “civil support for the armed forces” suggesting a possible return to mandatory military service, in addition to potential plans for emergency nationalization of food production and distribution.

What this means in light of the bizarre immigration crisis forced by Chancellor Merkel's singleminded policy decision is any person's guess.  I do not look on this sort of thing in the ways that others do.

I have for years advocated being prepared for an extended crisis of three to six years in length.  It simply makes common sense ... the Joseph in Egypt kind of common sense.  If you have few resources you do what you can do, and if you are fortunate you try to work with a community of friends, neighbours, or co-religionists to prepare.

If you feel unsafe where you live and feel nudged by the Holy Ghost to move, then do not debate it: move.  You should be very sure however that you are not leaving the frying pan for the fire.

The world around us is very, very unsettled.  There are those in high places who are itching for nuclear war so they can rebuild the world in their own image.  We must pray to the Lord fervently that such persons are thwarted in their plans and by divine act are deprived of their power, position, and wealth.  

If you cannot pray for God to deal with those who would destroy you, then you simply do not understand reality.  I have heard many say that to pray against an enemy is heresy to the God of love.  Nonsense.  You can always pray for someone who wants you dead to have a Damascus Road experience like Saul did and become a St. Paul, but you also better pray in light of the reality around you that their ability to kill you, your family, and your nation is absolutely thwarted by the God of gods.  (I now descend the soap box.)

Now for how I read the "Concept for Civil Defence" memo by the German government: do not expect your government to protect you in a time of crisis. Full stop.

This is a message most of our ancestors would not need to hear or read.  They did not expect the government to play rescue agent or Nanny on steroids.  I think people in the USA increasingly understand that the government is going to take your tax money, but they will not be there to help you in any meaningful way during a crisis.  The experience of many of us who have lived through catastrophic hurricanes in the USA is precisely this: do not expect your government to protect or help you.

In the end, trust God, and do your best to be provisioned with what food, water, and resources you need to go it alone.  And, if you are blest with a large family or group of friends, then make plans to help each other through whatever the Coming Storm might be.

For many years now the Lord has told me to stop all that I am doing and pray that a certain event does not occur.  It always involves what I call "interstellar harm".  The Lord has never disclosed exactly what it all means.  Related to this, he has shown me horrendous scenes and told me to pray and sacrifice so that the specific scene shown to me does not occur.  So I pray. I pray before the Blessed Sacrament.  I pray with all my heart.

Recently, the Lord presents to me something falling through the atmosphere and striking near a huge city.  I could guess what it is, but the Lord has not told me.  He just tells me to pray that it does not happen.  So, I pray that it does not happen, and I trust the Lord God, and I go on with life in peace.

Whatever fears you may have, at some point, the best thing to do is to pray that your fears do not materialise.  Then renew your faith and trust in the Blessed Trinity, console yourself with the love of Our Blessed Mother, and go on and live your life in peace.