15 November 2016

Earthquakes and the need for our prayer


We need to pray for divine protection for central Italy especially the ancient city of St. Benedict, Norcia.  Great tectonic movements are causing our world to shake violently and shift unexpectedly.  

From today through the remainder of this week, I feel the risk is great that Italy will experience more severe earthquake activity and at the very least there will continue to be tremors related to the previous quakes.  Please pray for God's mercy for the region.

It is a great tragedy that all of the churches in Norcia have been destroyed.  May God bless and be with the monks of St. Benedict who are living in tents and caring for those who have not evacuated from the area.

Obviously with the terrible quake in New Zealand, we need to implore the Divine Mercy to calm the tremblous earth beneath our feet.  May the Peace of Christ touch the Earth and calm the hearts of men and the world herself.

Note: A reader has notified me of special concern for the western coast of Oregon in the United States, and so I ask you include this area in your prayers to the Lord. May God's peace abide with us all.

UPDATE:  Our world remains greatly unsettled, but it would appear that Our Gracious Lord has granted us mercy and grace not to see the worst of earthquakes materialise.  But now that the Jubilee of Mercy has closed, may I suggest we take up the Rosary of the Seven Sorrows of Mary and redouble our preparations for the return of her Son the Just Judge of the living and dead.