05 April 2024

Two Syriac Orthodox Eucharistic Prayers

Two Syriac Orthodox Prayers

Prior to Reception of the Holy Eucharist

O Bread coming down from heaven to feed and nourish everyone, grant that I may partake of Thee in all pure desire, adoration and godly fear. O happy Wine of Life, may I be intoxicated by Thy love. 

O Thou Who didst cry, saying: "Whosoever is athirst let him come to Me and drink," behold my soul in thirst hath come unto Thee to be satisfied by the Water of Life. 

O God, I am not worthy that Thou shouldst come into my heart. Speak a word to heal my soul which is athirst for Thee even more than the deer longeth for streams of water, O Cup of Blessing and Salvation. 

O Heavenly Manna and Bread of Life, dwell in me forevermore. Amen.

After the Reception 
of the Holy Eucharist

With what tongues shall I utter Thy praise, O God, most high and greatly to be praised, for this Thy wondrous grace. It passeth all telling; for Thou hast been pleased even to give of Thyself to Thy servant for nourishment; and hast rejoiced my heart with the wine of Thy sacrifice. Thou hast sanctified me by Thy Spirit, and hast satisfied my hunger from out of the bounty of Thy house. My heart is Thy perpetual dwelling-place that Thou mayest preside over all my faculties and my desires, controlling them as Thou wilt. 

And I beseech Thee grant that this my Communion shall increase my faith, strengthen my trust in Thee, and rekindle the fire of Thy love within me, causing me to grow in every virtue; and grant that it be a weapon to shield me from all the tricks of the enemy of my soul until I become one with Thee in that life above where Thou art with all saints, so that I may join in the chorus of adoration and praise unto Thee with Thy Father and Thy Holy Ghost forever and ever. Amen.