04 May 2007

A mercy received in a time of distress

Living in the USA I am one of those who has no medical insurance and cannot get any because I live with a condition called syringomyelia. In Texas there is a kind of insurance for people stuck in my situation but one must pay for it for one year before one's "pre-existing" conditions are covered. Assuming my application is accepted, a dodgy proposition at best I fear, it will still be at least a year of paying an insurance company for doing nothing, thank you very much, yet having MRIs scanned right now is medically urgent.

With all of that in mind, consider that I was scheduled for four MRIs of my brain and spinal cord at a state-run hospital. The price for me -- one without insurance -- was going to be over $11,000 to be paid at the time of the scans. Totally out of reach for me.

Today a young woman telephoned to confirm the appointment for the MRIs, and after confirming the cost she said, "There is a place that can do these same scans for $600 each." She asked I never say her name, but she felt "the Lord wanted" her to tell me about this much more affordable way. Her sincerity and genuine concern for me as well as they declaration of faith deeply, deeply moved me.

I called this other place, very reputable, and found that they were having a special promotional price of $445 per scan because of a company celebration. I felt rescued. While the cost was still very far outside my personal budget, with the help of family this can be done. I praise God. It also makes me keenly aware of others caught in similar situations who do not have family, who do not get the medical care they need because the costings are impossibly elevated.

I won't divulge the name of the young woman who was willing to venture so much -- she could have lost her job -- in order to tell me what she felt the Lord wanted her to tell me. By pointing me toward something that I could do, she has already played a huge part in keeping this body of mine alive and kicking. Although I can't give out her name, I really must record here and tell of her kindness and of her faith. She was to me a gift from God Himself. Please pray for the Holy Trinity's blessings for her and her family. There was no way on earth I could have afforded the scheduled MRIs and was in great distress about what to do.

In my distress, He heard my cry.

Thank you, Jesus, for your Divine Mercy.

God bless you, dear lady, for your witness and your tremendous help to me. May God remember this mercy you have done and bless you and your children's children.