31 December 2009

Defacing the Flag of Italy

It is not what you may be thinking ...

There is much on the internet at the moment about the desire of Italians to place a Cross upon their Tricolore (in terms of vexillology "defacing the Tricolore with a Cross"). Some want to place a large central cross in gold on top of ('defacing') the three colours of the Italian flag. Andrew Cusack provided some interesting possibilities, and the best ideas to my mind -- as a rejoinder to the non-practicing Finnish Lutheran in the court case that resulted in the European Court ruling against the Crucifix in Italian schools -- involved adaptations of the Italian colours to the Finnish (and Scandinavian) cross pattern from their national flags.

I have jumped into the creation of possible configurations and have enjoyed immensely the sketching and drawing . I recognise as well how ironic this may seem since one of my Italian ancestors had the surname 'Garibaldi' and here I am (a Roman Catholic Monarchist) sketching in the Cross of Christ upon the Tricolore !

I will spare you all the ideas I tried (*sigh of great relief*) but rather here present to you my latest updated version of the Italian flag -- 'defaced' by a Cross of red. Be advised that the colours are not the exact hues for the Tricolore, but are rather an approximation made quickly on my little Wintel laptop. Click on the flag to see it larger.

A Flag Proposed for Italy

Images and Design Copyright (c) 2009 by Vincent William Uher III

It is extremely handsome when hung as a banner or rendered as a pennant, and those are important questions about the vexillological integrity of the idea ... together with the various uses and adaptations of the national flag that would be employed at everything from sporting events to solemn state occasions.

Your comments are most welcome -- especially if you like it! Please keep in mind that this is not a perfectly scaled rendering but rather a conceptual sketch (under my Copyright).

And if anyone knows someone in Italy to whom I should send this for consideration, please let me know via the 'Comments' link below.
+Laus Deo.