20 December 2009

Lo, How She Brings Life With Her

"Lo, How She Brings Life With Her" is a hymn-text I wrote for the Feast of the Visitation and also for the Fourth Sunday in Advent in Year C of the Lectionary for the Ordinary Form. The first link below gives you my words set to a tune that was once much loved by Episcopalians in the USA and Anglicans elsewhere. The second link below is the same text set to a marvellous new tune by Noel Jones. There is also a setting to the rather well known tune Wie lieblich ist der Maien.

Lo, How She Brings Life With Her -- tune: Far Off Lands

Lo, How She Brings Life With Her -- tune: Ein Kerem (Noel Jones)

Noel Jones requested a suggestion for the name of the new tune, and I offered 'EIN KEREM' which is the village of St. Elisabeth and the place where I wrote down the very first ideas for this text. I love the new tune and hope parishes and congregations will make use of both my words and Noel's tune.

As so many are travelling, I pray for everyone complete safety under the protection of St. Raphael the Archangel. And as we journey to that place where we will keep Christ Mass, let us remember St. Mary the Virgin and St. Joseph the Carpenter and give thanks to God for their humility and for the part they play uniquely in the salvation of our souls through their beloved Jesus, Messiah, Saviour, Lord. God love you all !