04 February 2010

Large Stack of Messages

My apologies to those who have written to me. I will get through the stack of email when I am feeling a bit better. In the meantime I beseech you for your prayers for me especially for my right eye. If you are Roman Catholic, please ask St. Lucy to help me.

Although I have been very weak, I have also been extremely close to the Lord, the Holy Family, and the Saints and Angels. It is not easy to explain. I feel a bit like I am here confined to my bed, but I am also someplace else where there is a larger place, a place of perfect peace where heavenly company comforts and encourages me.

I have so much still to do, and I pray God that I may complete the work. I am so grateful to God for three friends who have blessed my life in so many ways: Mrs. Irma More', Father Mark Daniel Kirby, and Noel Jones. May God bless these three good souls and bless all their apostolates and endeavours. How good God has been to let me collaborate with them in different ways for the life of the world and strengthening of Holy Church.

Finally, I need to acknowledge my parents who take care of me, Mary-Rose and V.W. Uher. Those who know them know that they are Saints of God with a capital "S". They would object to this characterisation being such humble people. But through them I have experienced Love Incarnate time and time again. Without them, their prayers, their vigils when I am in distress, I do not know what I would do. So, dear reader, please pray for them and their health. In spite of their age they are two of the most vibrant, young-at-heart souls I have ever known, but because of their age they suffer from various problems and could use prayers to maintain their good health.

God bless you for reading this. Soon I will be posting here a few poems for Lent that I thought I had lost in the flood waters of Hurricane Ike that destroyed my home and my neighbourhood ('Bayou Shore') on Galveston Island. A back-up Data CD disk was found that was not submerged in the waters and on it I have found a number of hymn texts and poems that I thought were lost.

+Laus Deo.