07 February 2010

Two Poems

As we approach Lent, two of my old poems in very different styles have come to mind this week, and I would like to share them with you, dear Reader. May God bless your reading of them.

Ash Wednesday

Harsh is the judgement I deserve
But I for mercy plead.
(No merit, grace do I preserve
Should I deny my need.)

I need thee Jesus as my breath,
My water, and my food.
I need thee, Lord. Save me from death
From bitter solitude.

My sins like mountains bury me.
My cowardice is real.
I cast off help you mean for me
And other’s joy I steal.

Forgive me, Lord, sweet Jesus King.
Your subject I would be.
Behold my tears, my cries and grief,
My broken agony.

What can I give but pain and sin,
My empty heart and hand?
With these I give thee all within
Though none may understand.

To ashes let my sins fall now –
Thrust them in deepest seas.
Brand me with thee upon my brow
While I fall on my knees.

Copyright © 2000 by Vincent Wm Uher III


sins and virtues

but not together

one sculpts tatting
for a wedding dress

one braids
a hangman’s noose

you decide
which is which

which is yours

Copyright © 2000 by Vincent Wm Uher III

+Laus Deo.