09 January 2013

The Baby Lives in the Mother

Epiphany Wednesday

Our Lady of the Sign + Znamensakaya Ikon

Scientific American magazine has presented an article popularising information some of us already knew: that the cells of babies migrate into the mothers' bodies and continue living with their mothers in their mothers' brains.

LifeSiteNews.com has published a piece by Jill Stanek that looks at the implications of this with regard to the form of legalised murder called abortion.  You will want to read her article and absorb the implications.  The following is a link to Jill Stanek's article: Scientists discover aborted baby cells living in mothers' brains.  It is a stunning thought that none of those women who wish to rid themselves of these children ever succeed in doing so.  There are of course positive implications too.  Those who lose a baby late in pregnancy or suffer the sorrow of a child's death will now have the knowledge that cells from that little life continue on in the mother's body.  With proper pastoral explication and application this news could be a tremendous comfort for those who grieve the passing of a child.

There is another implication to these studies and their discoveries which theological folk seem to be missing: the cells of the body of the Lord and Our Lady's body and brain.  You may ask what then am I suggesting, but I am only suggesting that we ponder it.  What did it mean to have these perfect cells of the God-made-man alive and living within the body of Our Lady?  Like Our Mother, ponder that one in your heart.

Was something intuitively known in ancient Israel so that the mother of the King sat at his right hand as Queen rather than his wife or one of his wives?  Even if a question cannot be answered, sometimes the framing of such a question can remind one of the great truths of the faith i.e., that Our Lady is the davidic Queen Mother who sits at the right hand of her Son the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Znamenskaya + Our Lady of the Sign

+Salve Mater misericordiae!