22 January 2013

The disaster that is the Vatican Press Office

S. Vincentius

The last thing on Earth we need is a Vatican spokesman endorsing the political intentions of the U.S. President.  Father Federico Lombardi is doing incredible damage to the Church, and when added along with various Vatican spokesman and potentates putting forward all sorts of questionable opinions, it either shows the Church in total disarray or it shows a Church with a political agenda with which I want nothing to do.  

Every year on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade I have a Missouri Synod Lutheran friend who writes to me a long e-mail in which he claims that the bishops of the Catholic Church in the USA have been bought and paid for by special interests of the Left.  "If your bishops were even remotely genuine, they would excommunicate all Catholic lawmakers and Catholic citizens who vote for, participate in, or support abortion, and they would do it publicly.  That they don't do anything but pose at the March for Life is proof enough that the Catholic Church in the USA is not the Church of John Paul II and is in so many respects a bogus misrepresentation of Truth."

Okay, so I am accustomed to fiery statements from Confessional Lutherans, but the sad thing is that he is correct in large part.  Many should have been excommunicated publicly.  The Requiem Mass for Ted Kennedy was an abomination on top of a host of abominations in the Church that many still refer to when they explain why they will not enter the Catholic Church.  I don't know if any of the bishops in the USCCB really care at all about how these things negatively impact Evangelisation.  Maybe a few of the newer ones do, but the old men do not.

If the USCCB were truly against Abortion ...  every year on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade (or a workday closest to it) they would call for and lead at least a one day General Strike if not a three day strike by all pro-life people in the USA.

Anyone expect to see such a General Strike in your lifetime?

+Kyrie eleison imas.