07 February 2013


S. Ambrose (iv cent ) ; Tr. J.M. Neale (1818-1866)

Th'eternal gifts of Christ the King,
The Martyrs' glorious deeds we sing:
And while due hymns of praise we pay,
Our thankful hearts cast grief away.

The terrors of the world despised,
The body's torments lightly prized,
By one brief space of death and pain
Life everlasting they obtain.

To flames the Martyr Saints are hail'd;
By teeth of savage beasts assail'd;
Against them, arm'd with ruthless brand
And hooks of steel, the torturers stand.

The mangled frame is tortured sore;
The holy life-drops freshly pour:
They stand unmoved amidst the strife,
By grace of everlasting life.

Redeemer, hear us of thy love;
That, with the Martyr host above,
Hereafter, of thine endless grace,
Thy servants also may have place.  Amen.

Songs of Syon, 4th edition, Hymn 225
Rev. G.R. Woodward, editor
London : Schott & Co.

+Sanctorum meritis