04 February 2013

Regarding the USA's Constitution


I do not often comment on things political on this blog, but I feel I must.  The USA is a nation that is swiftly sliding and stumbling on its way towards becoming a brutal and sad parody of itself. As someone who loves the USA, I think the only way to turn things around is by reforming the federal government of the USA by amendment to the the Constitution.

An amendment is needed so that a person can only serve one term in elected office at the federal level with the definition of the term served as follows: 1 Presidential term of six years, 1 House term of five years, 1 Senate term of eight years. After the 1 (and only) term the President/Congress-member/Senator would be out of Federal government; and, after serving this one term -- whether part of the term or full term -- these individuals would be banned from lobbying and from representing foreign or corporate interests. If only a partial term is served, the individual would be barred from standing for election at the federal level and would likewise be barred from lobbying or serving foreign or corporate interests as a paid employee or volunteer emissary.

The USA is also in desperate need of an Anti-Dynasty amendment that would ban the parents, spouse, children, siblings, grandchildren and nieces and nephews of those elected President from seeking elected office at the Federal level or from accepting appointments to federal positions or employment at the Federal level. 

There also needs to be an amendment that expressly terminates Executive Orders by the President from extending beyond the internal workings of the Executive Branch. And together with that the President would be forbidden from making 'signing statements' at the time of signing legislation.  Let his veto be a veto, and let his 'Yes' be his signature on the legislation... end of subject.

... and I'm just getting started...