23 June 2013

Wisdom from Richard of S. Victor


Do you see that only Truth leads and brings one to this mountain?  Truth leads; Truth is that which guides; I gladly follow Truth; I do not hold suspect such a guide.  Truth knows to lead; Truth does not know how to mislead.  But what is Truth?  

What do you say, good Teacher, teacher Christ, what is Truth?  'I am,' he says, 'the Way, the Truth, and the Life' (John 14:6).  Therefore let one who wishes to ascend to the mountain follow Truth.  Follow Christ, whoever you are who wish to ascend this mountain.  

We have learned from the teaching of the Evangelist: 'Then Jesus took his disciples, viz., Peter, James, and John, and led them into a high mountain apart' (Matt. 17:1).  Thus the disciples of Jesus are led above and apart, that they may take possession of this high mountain.  It is a steep way, a secret way unknown to many, which leads to the summit of this mountain.  

I think only those run without error, only those arrive without impediment, who follow Christ, who are led by Truth.  Whoever hastens to high things, you go in security if Truth goes before you.  Without it you labor in vain.  As Truth does not wish to deceive, so it is not able to be deceived.  If you do not wish to err, follow Christ."

Richard of Saint Victor