12 March 2014

From the Fringe

I have never been a believer in 'the official story' whether from governments or church authorities.  In our time we have no reason to trust anyone in those positions of authority, and we give them blind trust at a great personal cost to ourselves and our children.

As an Anglican youth who was suspicious of many things and who never believed the 'official story' -- read: Christian geek with a rebel mind -- I appreciate those who distrust "the narrative" delivered from on high, a distrust that is growing across the nations of the West.  Simply watching the Bush and Obama governments in action are enough to unmask the manipulation of "the narrative" as a means to manipulate and use the American people.  My favourite book for many years was David Macaulay's "Motel of the Mysteries" as it underlined for me everything that was wrong with the world around me from 'scientific' Darwinism to Protestantism.

In some ways the man in the video below came to a similar conclusion.  So below is a video of someone who decided he could no longer embrace the 'official story' of history as he had been taught it in the USA because by simply looking around the woods where he lived in New England and doing a little historical research, he found that nothing added up.

His views about the untrustworthiness of the 'official story' about North America as put forward by academia and especially the Smithsonian Institute is an opinion that is growing rapidly particularly among the generation known as the Millenials, a generation that has few links to the churches or organised religion of any sort.

You may wonder why I would post this to an erstwhile religious blog from the catholic-orthodox end of the old swimming hole.  One reason is that church-going folk know too little about these topics that are being discussed among people who are still referred to as being "on the fringe".  They are no longer 'on the fringe' but include large numbers of people regardless of the official 'narrative' about them.  Am I endorsing his views? No, I have no expertise to do so, but I am intrigued by these things and have been studying them for many years now.  I also believe this man deserves a hearing after TED decided to ban his and several other videos of presentations that questioned "the official story" in several different disciplines and arenas of life:

If you get an error message above (or if it appears blank on your computer --- *insert eerie music* "yes, that's right, someone does not want you to see this" ----), click here for the video.