16 March 2014

Jeremy Taylor: An Eucharisticall Prayer

Let us pray. 

O Lord God, our Creator, who hast given us life and being, 

and hast shewn unto us the way of Salvation, 
vouchsafing to us the revelation of heavenly Mysteries, 
and hast commanded to us this service in the power of the Holy Ghost, 
and obedience of the Lord Jesus ; 

Be thou well pleased, O Lord, with this our service and duty, 
and grant that with a holy fear, and a pure Conscience, 
we may finish this Service, 
presenting a holy Sacrifice holily unto thee, 
that thou mayest receive it in Heaven, 
and smell a sweet Odour in the union of the eternal Sacrifice, 
which our blessed Lord perpetually offers ; 

And accept us graciously as thou didst entertain the Gifts of Abel, 
the Sacrifice of Noah, 
the Services of Moses and Aaron, 
the Peace-offering of Samuel, 
the Repentance of David, 
and the Incense of Zacharias : 

And as from the hands of thy holy apostles 
thou didst accept this ministry, 
so vouchsafe, by the hands of us miserable Sinners, 
to finish and perfect this Oblation, 
that it may be sanctified by the Holy Ghost, 
and be accepted in the Lord Jesus ; that we, 
being adopted into the Society and participation 
of his holiness and sufferings, 
admitted to his service, incorporated to his body, united to his purity, 
made partakers of his intercession, pardoned by his mercy, 
sanctified by his grace, confirmed by his strength, professing his religion, 
believing in his word, hoping in his promises, 
and keeping all his commandments, 
may receive the reward of faithful and wise stewards 
in the day of thy righteous judgment. 

Grant this, O God, for his sake who is the food of our Souls, 
and the joy of our Hearts, the object of our Faith and Hope, 
and the great example of Charity and all Excellences, 
our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.