01 April 2014

Gerhardt: O Thou Sweetest Source


O Thou sweetest Source of gladness,
   Light’s all lovely fountain head,
Who, alike in joy and sadness,
   Leavest none unvisited;
Breath of God head, highest King,
Who upholding everything,
   Wilt uphold, with love undying.
   Hear, O hear me humbly crying.

From thy throne, as April shower
   Thou descendest, heavenly One,
Freighted with thy sevenfold dower,
   From the Father, and the Son.
Bring me noble Guest divine,
God’s own blessings they are thine,
   Freely dealt at thy good pleasure,
   Fill me in abundant measure.

Save, uphold, and go before me,
   Fainting, be my staff and rod:
Dying, to new life restore me,
   Buried, be my grave, O God: 
From the dust when I arise,
Come, exalt me to the skies,
   Where thou within realms supernal
   Feed thy saints with joys eternal. 

Paul Gerhardt (1607-1676)
trans. George Ratcliffe Woodward (1848-1934)