16 November 2015

What France Must Do


For those who worry about what must be done in France....

Until France alters its flag to fulfil the will of Heaven, there will be no peace for France.

All the French government needs to do is to place even a simplified image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the very centre of its flag, and then God's graces will flow upon the people of France and the French nation.

I have a French friend who is a member of the Reformed Church of France, and he as a pastor is all in favour of putting the simplified image on the French tricolour. As he says, there is no time for Christians to bicker with a Muslim invasion underway. (It is hard to express what an extraordinary declaration this was. But these are strange days.)

Such a simple thing to do and so much pride in the way keeping it from being done for centuries!  Now is the time to fix the French flag.  Remind the faithful.  Spread the word.

Let this be placed in the centre
of the white field of the French tricolour.
Trust Jesus.