22 January 2014

Anglican Patrimony: Baptism of the Lord


He needed it not. Needed it not? Nay, take Him so, Jordan had more need to come to Him, than he to Jordan to be cleansed. 'The waters were baptized by Him, they baptized Him not;' He went into them, it is Epiphanius, 'that they who should cleanse us, might by Him first be cleansed.' It is certain; so He received no cleanness, no virtue, but virtue He gave to Jordan, to the waters, to the Sacrament itself.
Lancelot Andrewes, Whitsunday sermon 1615 

For so he would needs be baptised by his servant: and though he was of purity sufficient to do it, and did actually by his baptism purify the purifier, and sanctify that and other streams to a holy ministry and effect; yet he went in, bowing his head like a sinner, unclothing himself like an imperfect person, and craving to be washed, as if he had been crusted with an impure leprosy.
 Jeremy Taylor, The Great Exemplar