18 January 2014

Facing East

I am familiar with many former Anglicans who have continued on their journey through the Catholic Church and right on out the eastern door into the Russian Orthodox Church or other branches of Eastern Orthodoxy. Fr. Aidan (Alvin) Kimel is now a priest of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, and he has returned to blogging with a heart-rending story to tell of his journey. 

A few have found there way to the Coptic Church and the Syrian Orthodox Church.  Some I know have migrated to the Melkite Catholics or Ukrainian Catholics, and others have sought out the Maronites so as to remain in the Catholic Church... somehow.

Others have given up and returned to Anglicanism in its many splintered form, and others have given up on any sort of church beyond the oratory or chapel of their own dwelling-place.

But most of those I know who made the sacrifices and entered the Catholic Church have remained and are working as hard as they know to preach the Gospel, serve the liturgy, make available the sacraments, and preserve what parts of Anglican tradition they can.

May God bless all who leave their home to follow Jesus wherever His Spirit may lead them, and resting in His bosom and kept safe within His Heart may they all have peace at the end.