20 January 2014

Invoking a goddess from Hell

Recently I took part in a discussion regarding the degeneration of modern culture in North America.  Much was made of Mylie Cyrus and her various 'performances'.  None of the well-intentioned individuals in this discussion actually understood what they were seeing in Mylie Cyrus' 'performances'.  Yes, in a generalised way they could sense the evil underneath the grossly sexualised displays, but not one of the experts brought in for the discussion really grasped what is at work in this young woman's life and work.

But seeing the displays of Hannah Montana turned 'sexbot' most ordinary Christian Americans know something is deeply, deeply wrong with the culture.  Yet most lack the education or even the curiosity to discover what is going on.  (They are not even aware how they themselves have become mind-control subjects through the events of the Kennedy Assassination and the 9/11 horrors.  Here in January 2014, many are beginning to shake off opportunistic governmental programming from 9/11. Many are waking up.)

So good reader, perhaps you too wonder just 'what in the blue blazes' is going on in the USA.  As a minor note perhaps you wonder about Mylie Cyrus.  At the least maybe you wonder why she sticks out her tongue as she does.  Ah, perhaps that is how to broach the subject...

We are talking about women used by unseen forces to conduct very public religious invocations through their songs and appearances.  Religion?  Yes.  Invocations?  Yes. That is a great deal to take in, but keep breathing.

Do the women know they are being used for such purposes?  Most likely the answer is an emphatic "No".  It is far more likely that they have been traumatised and are simply mind-controlled 'properties' doing what they have been programmed to do.  Sometimes the programming breaks down -- Britney shaving off her hair comes to mind -- but then they are either 'adjusted', terminated, or they vanish from public view.

How are they programmed?  Usually it is an evil brew of pedophilia, psychodelics, and torture -- usually under the auspices of some department of the U.S. government like the CIA -- and with the young persons' personalities shattered they are easily programmed to suit those who deal in such black satanic arts.

It may be somewhat difficult to believe, but you can go back and read the historical record of the late Senator Frank Church and his Committee's work to investigate the horrendous and illegal mind control experiments of the CIA. And it is common knowledge -- and very easily demonstrated -- that Hollywood and the entertainment industry in the States willingly cooperates with the US government's intelligence agencies just as Google and others have been cooperating with the NSA to spy on you.

As far as the occult invocations in which these young women act as a kind of priestess ... these invocations are not part of a religion you know or recognise.  Lady Gaga engaging in a blood ritual via television probably disgusts you, but it is just as likely that you haven't a clue what is really going on in all that.  What is going on arises in part from an ancient religion that the Abrahamic faiths did their best to crush, and in part it arise from that ancient religion as transmuted through occult secret societies that have been able to thrive underground everywhere.

The shocker for you, dear reader, is probably this:  Mylie Cyrus sticking out her tongue in performances and appearances is part of an identification with and an elaborate invocation of a goddess from Hell named Kali — not precisely the Hindu goddess Kali in all respects but signifying the same goddess Kali albeit transmuted through an occult organisation about which you have never heard in all likelihood.

Why would one wish to invoke a goddess from Hell?  Why would this 'Kali' be invoked through Mylie Cyrus while millions of impressionable young former Hannah Montana fans watch?  Why would an occult ritual be carried out in broad daylight and on television?

I must admit it is a brilliant strategy for the powers of darkness.  Very, very few know the ancient rituals or even the nouveau occult versions, and packaging such within a rock/pop music performance gives the whole thing a certain 'cool' factor that easily eclipses anything happening at any church anywhere in the nation at any time.

Rock/pop, sexualised behaviours, and invoking a demon goddess from Hell...  must admit it is genius... especially since most of us are asleep or simply aren't educated enough to know how we and our children are being manipulated to open the door and release the chains that bind an ancient evil.  (One even imagine some Hollywood agent pitching to Billy Ray Cyrus and Mylie Cyrus' handlers the idea and value of using the powerful archetype of Kali with an eye toward Miley starring in a film about Kali repackaged as a 'dark heroine' just like 'Batman the Dark Knight'...  *gag*)

Yet even if you know nothing of these things -- or the attempt to liberate demonic things imprisoned long, long ago -- you do have the power and the ability to anchor yourself and your family in safety through the person, the Name, and the Blood of Jesus of Nazareth, God in the flesh.

Life in Jesus is what is most important of all in this life. Jesus is the rock upon which my life is built. Only through Jesus can I weather any storm, withstand any invasion of things spiritual, actual, or holographic ... and only by living in the Heart of the Lord Jesus can I overcome all in order to behold with joy the Day of Jesus Christ.

So live your life, and stop watching others living their lives on television or the internet.

Live your life IN Christ.

Your Redeemer is alive, and if you have done all to stand in His Name, you will stand with Him on the last day in His triumph.