25 October 2015

(Irvingite) Opening Rite of the Holy Eucharist


I have been spending some time re-reading through the eucharistic liturgy and offices of the Catholic Apostolic Church [Irvingite].  The CAC may be defunct, but the vision enshrined in the Liturgy deserves far more study.  

I believe even a casual reader perusing the entire sequence of liturgies would see the clear influence this liturgical cycle had upon liturgical revision in the Anglican Communion, the Church of Scotland, and even the former German Reformed Church in the USA in the early 20th century.

Below, dear reader, you will find scans of the beginning of the Holy Eucharist of the Catholic Apostolic Church, 1847.  To my knowledge no community makes use of this eucharistic liturgy today, but most of its components should be familiar by kind if not by letter to most liturgical Christians: