02 October 2015

Like Meek Lambs (Glorification for Martyrs of Libya) تمجيد لشهداء ليبيا - Mina Ghattas


Based on the Lyrics of Edward C. Yong

Like meek lambs: 
you cried out: 
with your final breath: 
‘O Lord Jesus.’
+ And like roses blooming: 
in the deserts of Libya: 
you shed your blood: 
for our Saviour.
With godly valour: 
you enlightened the whole world: 
with courage and love: 
from your steadfast faith.
+ O Pride of Minya: 
and Boast of the church of Mark: 
intercede with Christ: 
that He may save our souls.
O you new martyrs: 
Victorious and Brave: 
the faithful children: 
of the Nation of the Cross:
+ You denied not Christ: 
to save your mortal lives.
With your faithfulness,
you earned the crowns of life.
You heard the Shepherd’s Voice,
calling out to you:
“Come unto Me,
O Blessed of My Father”
+ He embraced you, 
with arms open wide,
and you found true rest,
by the shores of Paradise.
Your blood blessed the sea,
and spread throughout the earth,
planting the seed of faith,
in the hearts of the Christians.
+ You witnessed to us: 
who honour your struggle:
that the Lord gives strength: 
in the hour of trial.
By your example: 
we raise our voice and sing:
O Lord Jesus, 
be our comfort and strength!