08 October 2015

Prayers before Holy Communion

from The Wells Office Book, 1896
        O Most Merciful GOD, grant me so to receive the Body of Thy Only-Begotten SON, our LORD JESUS CHRIST, and His most Precious Blood, that I may be incorporated in His mystical Body, and ever reckoned among His members. And, O most Loving FATHER, grant me that Him Whom I now purpose to receive under a veil I may at length behold with open face, even Thy Belovèd SON, Who, with Thee and the HOLY GHOST, liveth and reigneth ever one GOD, world without end. Amen.

+ + +

                  Almighty and everlasting GOD
                  behold I approach the Sacrament 
                  of Thy Only-Begotten SON, our LORD JESUS CHRIST.
As sick, I come to the Physician of life :
As unclean, to the Fountain of mercy :
As blind, to the Light of eternal splendour :
As needy, to the LORD of Heaven and earth :
As naked, to the King of glory :
A lost sheep, to the Good Shepherd :
A fallen creature, to its Creator :
Desolate, to the kind Comforter :
Miserable, to the Pitier :
Guilty, to the Bestower of pardon :
Sinful, to the Justifier :
Hardened, to the Infuser of grace.
I implore therefore the abundance
of Thine Infinite Majesty,
That Thou wouldest vouchsafe
To heal my sickness, to wash my foulness,
To lighten my darkness, to enrich my poverty,
And to clothe my nakedness,
That I may receive the Bread of Angels,
The King of Kings, the Lord of Lords,
With such reverence and fear,
Such contrition and love,
Such faith and purity,
Such devotion and humility,
As is expedient for the welfare of my soul.

                         Grant me, I beseech Thee, 
                         to receive not only the Sacrament 
                         of the LORD's Body and Blood, 
                         but also the Virtue of this blessèd Sacrament. Amen.

The Wells Office Book, 1896
The Wells Theological College 
Wells Cathedral
The Diocese of Bath and Wells
The Church of England