31 January 2016

Good Night, Radio Walsingham


After 10 years of broadcasting, RADIO WALSINGHAM will cease broadcasting on Sexagesima Sunday, 31 January A.D. 2016.  

Our carrier Live365.com is going out of business because it can no longer afford to operate under the high licensing fees demanded of small broadcasters of recorded music in the USA and Canada.  

At the moment we are studying options for the future, but it looks like it is time for a final "Laudetur Jesus Christus" from RADIO WALSINGHAM as a bereaved staff bid you "Good night, and God bless!"

update: We have set up a Memorial Page of sorts on Pandora for Radio Walsingham.  You may gain access by registering with Pandora, and the link to our 'Radio Walsingham on Pandora' is http://www.pandora.com/station/play/292375303292767981

We hope that for those missing Radio Walsingham that this will bring some consolation.  We do not have direct control over the station, but we have suggested the kinds of music we would play on Radio Walsingham at this time of year and into the Lenten Season for Padora to choose to play via the link above.

Update 15 April A.D. 2017: 
Unfortunately, there has been no way to continue Radio Walsingham at this time.  Sadly, the Pandora memorial site has become almost unusable for the purposes intended. Pandora regularly adds content to the Pandora Radio Walsingham broadcast that is inappropriate for what we were attempting to do with the apostolate.  In spite of all vigilance Lent has been filled with Easter and Christmas music as well as "Christian pop".  Be advised and forewarned.