07 January 2016

Mark Mallett: "Ascetic in the City"

I wish to commend to you, dear Reader, a recent article by Mark Mallett on his blog. It is entitled "Ascetic in the City", and I think he gives good advice to all of us who find ourselves still part of Christendom yet surrounded by the cesspool of a broken society and an increasingly diabolical civilisation. The following is a brief excerpt from his work:

The question is how we can live faithfully in contemporary society surrounded by so many goods, so many intrigues, technological advancements, comforts and pleasures? The answer today, at this hour, is in some ways not too unlike the Desert Fathers who literally fled the world into caves and solitudes. But how does one do this in the city? How does one do this within the context of family, soccer clubs, and the workplace?

Maybe we need to ask the question how Jesus entered pagan Roman times, dining with prostitutes and tax collectors, and yet remaining “without sin.” [2] Well, as Our Lord said, it is a matter of the “heart”—where one sets his eyes.
The lamp of the body is the eye. If your eye is sound, your whole body will be filled with light. (Matt 6:22)
And so, here are ten simple ways that you and I can refocus our spiritual and physical eyes, and become ascetics in the city.