19 January 2016

Please Help the FSSP Parish in Los Angeles


The FSSP were invited to Los Angeles a little over a year ago by Archbishop Gomez.  Their new parish is raising funds for their own building in which to celebrate the parochial liturgical life of the Traditional Latin Mass and all the riches of the Extraordinary Form of the Latin Rite.  

If they can raise US$ 65,000 dollars by 11 February A.D. 2016, then a very generous donor will likewise donate US$ 65,000 to the building fund.  This is a huge opportunity for them and for the larger Church.

It is extremely important that this parish exist in Los Angeles and that they have a home of their own.  

Please, of your charity if you able, donate to the Building Fund by going to this link on the FSSP LA website and then click on the green Donate button in the upper right hand corner of their homepage.  You will then be taken to a Donation page where you should click on the link for the Building Fund.

Many thanks indeed.
Merci beaucoup beaucoup.