28 January 2017

2 Prayers of Eric Milner-White


           When I pray in my chamber, 
           I build a sanctuary there. 
           When I cast a prayer out upon the street, 
           a spire rises suddenly to the skies. 
           When, without voice, my soul prays in any place, 
           my whole being becomes a church. 
           When my faith kindles and flames into praise
           the whole created world becomes a Minster. 
           Yet none of these were temples except God come to it; 
           and come he will, if so I build. 
           But how much more shall he not come
           to the Altar himself has built?
           whither he has invited, nay bidden us to meet him?
           where he has set out the feats
           and provided his Life for food, 
           his Passion for drink? 
           Here is the temple of temples, 
           the holy of holies, 
           himself the light, himself the altar, 
           himself the host, himself the feast. 
           Here let devotions rise up like incense, 
           here union and communion be made with God, 
           be his abiding here with us
           and ours in Him. 
           Blessed is he that cometh in the Name of the Lord; 
           Hosanna in the highest.

           Let me come into the church of God
           to meet the Spirit of God:
           not to give religion an hour,
           but to live in the eternal;
           not to maintain a decorous habit,
           but to bow in the holy place before the Holy One;
           not to judge the words of a preacher,
           but to draw life from the Word and Truth everlasting;
           not to be moved or soothed by music,
           but to sing from the heart divine praises;
           not that mine eyes roam over architecture or congregation,
           but that my soul look up to the King in his beauty,
           and my heart plead the needs of his children;
           not that my thoughts escape out into the world,
           but that they be still, and know that thou art God.

           Let me go, and go again, into the house of the Lord,
           and be gald, and give thanks, and adore,
           my King and my God.